October 31

Cette semaine en francais (core)

Lundi Devoirs :

Étudie pour test #1 (novembre 5)

Mardi Révision: un, une, des, le, la, les
Mercredi Jeux de vocabulaire
Jeudi Révision: être et avoir
Vendredi Mon budget

Vedette Vendredi

What do I need to study?

1. You need to be able to answer questions about school in complete sentences (oral and written)

*There is  = il y a

*It is = c’est

2. You need to be able to conjugate être and avoir in present tense

3. You need to remember how to use strategies when answering reading comprehension questions about a text

  • Ex. use the glossary
  • Look at the picture(s)
  • Look for “mots-amis”
  • Make meaning using the context of the story

4. You will need to know school related vocabulary words

  • review all dictée (there have been 3)

5. You need to know how to use definite and indefinite articles in French

*Un, une, des, le, la, les

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