December 14

Should we Document Our Learning

We have been talking about Documenting our learning on the blog this past week.

Please share with us your thoughts about how you think documenting your learning as an individual and our learning as a class will help your everyday learning.

Thank you,

Your Morot and Morim.



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5 thoughts on “Should we Document Our Learning

  1. Jaxon

    It is good to show the world what the Grade 4 OJCS class can do in all their different subjects in French, English, and Hebrew.

  2. Mia

    I think it’s important to post the class work to the blog so that students in other places can see our work and what we are doing in school.

  3. Joey

    I think documenting your learning is a fun idea because if you type it on your device and post it or even if its on something that you don’t post like google docs or google slides other people can edit your work and give you some constucive feedback, you can learn some new things from other people, and it is just lots of fun but, i do think a bit differently about the blog for the teachers. I think the teachers blog to their students is a bit unnecessary because you already tell us what we need to do in class and we write it in our agenda. If you start doing more questions like this one I think I will go on the blog more and I think the class whole class likes when you do questions. I know I do. Anyways, that is in my opinion. thanks for the question!
    – Joey

  4. Audrey

    I think documenting our learning is a good idea because we could get some feedback on our work and they could share ideas that may help us on projects or on just school work.


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