January 13

Hebrew Homework for Week of January 14-18

This week we will be working, together with Liam and Inbar, our wonderful Shinshinim,  on creating a Tu Bishvat Seder to do with the Hillel Lodge residents.

Monday night, your homework is to read the song: השקדיה פורחת and then practice singing it.

Once we decide on the parts for our Seder, your homework will be to practice saying it in front of an audience.

This means:

  1. You need to practice looking at your audience while speaking (make eye contact)
  2. You need to speak clearly.
  3. You need to project your voice (use a loud enough voice so people can hear you)
  4. You need to pace your words.
  5. You need to know when it is your turn to speak.

Looking forward to another lovely week with a wonderful class…

Remember… there is only one thing we need to work on… 😉

I can’t wait to hear and see your presentations tomorrow… don’t forget to practice at home tonight…



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4 thoughts on “Hebrew Homework for Week of January 14-18

  1. Dr. Jon Mitzmacher

    I think you are doing a great job with your homework postings. I think we would also love to SEE and HEAR some of the amazing work you and your students are doing in school. Some pictures, a little video, some artifacts from their presentations – remember, your students are already learning how to guest-blog…let’s put their enthusiasm to work!

    1. aaizenberg (Post author)

      Getting there…. it’s all on my computer… need to get it on the blog… hard with remembering who can and who cannot be on….

  2. Joey

    Thank you so much Morah Ada for this recording. It really helped and the blog was not too hard to get on with the link that you sent us. Todah raba!

    – Devorah Shmorgun


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