January 15

Les liens pour le verbe ‘aller’






Posted January 15, 2019 by apolowin in category French

1 thoughts on “Les liens pour le verbe ‘aller’

  1. Dr. Jon Mitzmacher

    I love seeing teachers share resources with parents (and students) that can help them be their best! One suggestion is you move forward is to think about whether it makes sense to create a simple “Resources” or “Helpful Links” tab on your blog that parents can refer to along the way.

    What do you (and @DoraScharf) do for parents (I am one) who don’t speak French, but want to support their children? There could be parents (me!) who can’t even translate the titles to your blog posts…

    …as you grow more comfortable with the blog, it will be great for you (or better for you to let your students) to give us examples (pictures, videos, etc.) of the great work you are doing! That’s part of the power blogs give us…to open the walls and let our amazing students shine beyond the classroom.

    Keep up the great work!


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