March 5

Class Blogging Challenge and Library Workshop

The Grade 4 class has signed up for a worldwide class blogging challenge. We will be connecting with classes from around the world as we work on weekly tasks. The students are writing a little blurb about themselves tonight for homework. Tomorrow we will be making an avatar slideshow that will include the blurbs about ourselves to put on our blog. We will also explore the blogs created by other classes and make connections with them. The class challenge will run throughout the month of March. Many students have already shared their homework as I write this post. Needless to say we are all very excited 🙂

This morning 4B attended a special workshop to help us on our journey to become good digital citizens. Our librarian Brigitte who talked with us about Responsibility. We watched a video of a stone making ripples in the water and then we compared how are responsibilities to ourselves, our community, and the world. We had a wonderful discussion on how our actions cause ripples. Brigitte had us play a Rings of Responsibility game, which made us all think about different online scenarios, and what type of responsibility ring it would fall into SELFCOMMUNITYWORLD.

Special thanks to Brigitte for helping us to become good digital citizens.

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