March 28

In Israel anyway… – אביב הגיע פסח בא

This year Kitah Dalet will be running a Model Seder at Hillel Lodge, for the residents from our ‘Vehadartah Pnei Zaken’ program, as well as other residents who wish to join us.

The Seder will take place Monday, April 15th at 2:15pm.  Please let me know by Monday, April 1st (tomorrow is even better), if your child will be away, as each child will receive a part to be in charge of and present during the Seder. 

On top of reading the part, this project will involve giving some explanation of meaning and background as to why it is part of the Haggadah. 

We went through the songs today and as always, I enjoyed listening to their beautiful singing.

Kitah Dalet, please continue practicing The Passover songs at home.

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