May 2

Tonight I Remember… אנחנו זוכרים

Both yesterday and today we learned about Yom Hashoah in class, with Liam, Inbar and Morah Ada.

To help remember the people who lost their lives we will each remember a specific person.

Please add, in the comment space, who you remember… and tell us a bit about them.

We also invite whoever reads our post to add names they choose to remember or share a story from their own family’s history.

As per you request, here is the movie we watched together: הכוכב של אנדרה וטאטי

מעין זוכרת

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4 thoughts on “Tonight I Remember… אנחנו זוכרים

  1. Shylee MILLER

    I remember aba putermilkh,his parents were named lea and noakh. he was born in Lodz, poland and he perished in Poland

  2. Miguel

    Aba Nei was a Jewish Holocaust members and unfortunately he tried to escape and got captured by the Germans and was sent to gas chambers and died.

  3. mia aptowitzer

    Aba Rozler was a brave man, the son of Yisrael and Roza Rozler. Aba was born in Lodz, Poland in 1882. He was a house owner. His parents would have been so sad to see there son perish in Turek, Poland in 1944. That brave man, an innocent Jew lived to be only 76 years old and then he was killed…


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