May 16

Blogger of the week – Maor!

Last week in English class we worked on problem-solving by ourselves using the strategies Mrs. Cleveland taught us for problem-solving. We also enjoyed reading with our reading buddies from Ganon preschool, even though not everyone had their reading buddies.

In Gym class, and Mr. Ray wasn’t there, so Madame Marlene was our substitute teacher. We played four corner soccer. We also had a surprise Colour War assembly. Our theme this year is four teams one heart ❤️. The teams are:

  1. Orange – Natanya
  2. Blue – Jerusalem
  3. Green – Tel Aviv
  4. Red – Haifa

I am on the blue team with Miguel, Mara, and Sasha. Our Team captains are Aviv, Kiera, and Jacob. Our class is very excited about the Maccabiah games in 2019!!!     

In French class. We did our projects on an ideal school. Some students built an ideal school in Minecraft, and some students drew their ideal school project. Everyone had really good projects.


‏ ב‏עברית עשינו את הפרויקט שלנו ‏אל הבדלה. ‏זה היה ממש כיף!

In Art class We were finishing our knights. Some were water painting their horse and saddle. We had fun working on the paintings.


On Wednesday we had are ‏יום ‏הזיכרון we had a special guest from the army taking to as about ‏יום ‏הזיכרון


The whole school had a very special day celebrating Yom Ha’atzmaut/יום העצמאות. I made an iMovie to show some of our celebrations.  We had a carnival  One of the stations you put on a blindfold and try to find a lollipop and each student got 3 different stuff to do. Ben and I had the same stations on our schedule. First, we had cooking we made salad and Bourekas. We also had Army training at one station with Inbar and Mr.Kom who were very serious about training us for the army. We were tired after that station.

The Public Speaking finals took place on Friday. Mazel Tov to our finalists for delivering some amazing speeches. Mia took home the silver medal for her terrific speech.

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9 thoughts on “Blogger of the week – Maor!

  1. Shira

    Maor, thank you for this amazing blog post. You really showed us all of the great activities and projects that Kita Dalet did this week. ‏כל הכבוד

  2. Dr. Jon Mitzmacher

    What a great blog post Maor! I love that you used text, photos and video to tell the story of your week! I really loved your use of Hebrew font as well.

    Did you learn anything from being a guest blogger that you can apply to your work as a learner? Did you learn how to use any new tools?

    What advice would you give someone who is going to do it for the first time?

    Keep up the great work Maor!

    1. jbennett31 (Post author)

      Hi Dr. Mitzmacher,

      Thanks for reading my blog post. I am happy you liked it! I learned how to make all my photos and videos public and embedding them into my post. I would tell other bloggers not to be nervous about writing or taking pictures and videos. I loved blogging and hope I get a chance to do it again soon!


  3. Axel B. et Jules B. from Brindas school, France

    Bonjour les amis.
    Nous nous appelons Axel et Jules. Nous apprécions beaucoup vous entendre parler le français. Bravo pour la petite vidéo des deux garçons qui présentent le plan de leur école idéale. Mais nous n’avons pas bien entendu leurs prénoms.
    Nous n’avons pas vraiment compris pourquoi il y a un squelette dans une des pièces. Peut-être est-ce la salle de sciences ?
    En tout cas, elle est géniale votre future école !
    Nous espérons que vous trouverez le temps de nous répondre.
    Au revoir.
    Axel et Jules, CM2 de l’école Brindas, France.

    (You can use Google Translate to understand this comment. It would be nice if you answer this message and if you also copy/paste your answer on our class blog : .)


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