September 6

A great week in Kitah Dalet!

The first week in Kitah Dalet has been great. Students are enjoying a smaller class setting and are getting right back into a good routine. We are so happy to welcome our new students Eliya and Patrick. They have made lots of friends in Kitah Dalet already. It is heartwarming to see how everyone has reached out and made them feel right at home in our school.

We have taken time to review the 7 Habits that we will be following this year to reach the OJCS North Stars. During a class discussion, one child said our learning is like a ladder that we can keep climbing and learning and go higher than Grade 4. Another student said our learning has infinite possibilities. A special web activity taught us how it is important to work together and be responsible for each other.

We, teachers, think our students are going to reach for the stars and have an amazing year!

The Grade 4 Team

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