October 7

Fall Run

This is just a reminder that Grade 4 is attending the Fall Run sporting event on Thursday 10th October from 9:30am until approx 1:30pm.

Students will need to arrive at school in their sports clothing. With the weather being as unpredictable as ever, I would suggest students bring layers of clothing (sweatpants, t-shirt, hoody, light rain jacket, and sneakers). The races are staggered so alongside cheering and supporting other groups, there will be downtime. I encourage students to bring along a book or playing cards. I will bring a soccer ball (space depending!) Beyblades will not be allowed on this field trip. 

Students will be eating snacks and lunch outdoors so ensure to pack food that needs minimal preparation and leaves zero trace at the track field.

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4 thoughts on “Fall Run

    1. jbennett31 (Post author)


      The Pumpkin Run was tiring but lots of fun!
      Thanks for visiting our blog. Please visit again.
      We would love to find out where you are from.

      Grade 4

  1. Lauryn

    Hi! I’m Lauryn! I’m from ND, USA. I’m really close to Canada! I’m in middle school, so a little bit older than you guys. This pumpkin run sounds awesome! I wish that we had one… but here we are, just chugging along! Love this blog… have fun!!!

    1. jbennett31 (Post author)

      Hi Lauryn,

      Thanks for visiting our blog. We had lots of fun going to our run. We ran against lots of other private schools and we did a great job. We are pretty fast runners. Does your school ever go to track meets?
      From Grade 4


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