October 16

Leadership in 4A & 4B


This year thirteen brave students put their names forth to run for the position of class representative in 4A and 4B. Our classroom walls were decorated with eye-catching posters. Last Friday was election day and all the speeches were wonderful. The candidates talked about their desire to listen to their classmates’ ideas and make this year at school the best ever. It was the sweetest morning listening to each and every candidate. The message that came across loud and clear from every candidate was the love for classmates and friends in this 4th-grade community. All of the students who ran for class representatives should be very proud of themselves. Morah Yardena and I were moved and impressed with the leadership shown on Friday. As the class representatives were announced there were genuine congratulations given by all the other candidates. It is safe to say our classes will be well represented by Eliezer and Adam this year. Our alternate reps, Benny and Monica, are ready and willing to step in if our reps are unable to attend a meeting.


There will be lots of additional leadership opportunities this year in our class. Mrs. Cleveland is considering opening up some junior yearbook positions just for our class. We also have a few children who will help me run the Comic bookmaking/Board game club starting in November. We thank Adam L, Adam P, Lily, and Charlotte for offering to be the club leaders. Students from 4A &4B will also take on leadership roles and be in charge of choosing the kindness/mitzvah challenges for the weekly school bulletin. I am sure additional leadership opportunities will arise and I just know that this group of amazing students is ready for the challenge. I have a feeling it is going to be a great year!


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