November 5

Upcoming French dates – Extended

Hello everyone,

There will be a Plan de travail going home this Thursday and will be due on Thursday, November 14th.

Here are some of the important dates moving forward.

Avoir quiz: Thursday, November 14th. Creating sentences using the verb, filling in the blank and translating sentences.

Concours d’orthographe (spelling bee): Friday, November 22nd. This will be made up of the words from the two sports dictées, as well as a few additional words. I will be uploading a list of the words this week.

études sociales: Friday, November 29th:  Quiz on the capital cities and the map of Canada. Students will be asked to label the correct provinces and territories and their capital cities.

Dictée # 4: Friday, December 6th: Les sports

Sports Project due: Monday, December 16th: Details to follow.

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