December 6

Blogger of the week- Olivia

Hi my name is Olivia
I’m the blogger of the week and I will tell you what grade 4 did this week.

We had Hebrew first thing in the morning and we worked on our presentations about our daily routine. We had a mystery skype with another school in the afternoon. We had to guess where the other class was from clues from the students. The class was from Montgomery Alabama. Here are some pictures Adam L gave the other school some clues about where we live. The clubs at lunch on Monday were the Israel Games club and Leafs club.

On Tuesday the Book Fair was getting ready so no one could buy until 12:00 . I did not bring my money but some other kids brought their money for the Book Fair. There are some clubs on Tuesday, a Choir club, a dance club, and an Art club.

On Wednesday we had Hebrew first thing in the morning. During Hebrew, we did homework and Tefillah and we had a snack. The clubs on Wednesday are Detective club, French club, Comic making club, and Boardgame club.

There are Scavenger Hunt club, Sports club on Thursday. We went to the Book Fair and some of us got some things at the Book Fair. I spent a lot of money on the book fair on toys and books and school supplies like pencils, pens, and more.

We had Gym first thing in the morning we sang the Anthems in the gym we played Bench Ball and we had a choice of what we wanted to do for the rest of the class.

There are a lot of kids in Grade 4 running clubs this year like I do. Sarah and I run the Scavenger Hunt club Sarah and I have three helpers for the club they are Monica, Talia, and Eden.
Adam L. and Adam P. run comic-making club. Lily and Charlotte run the Board Game club. Sam, Sacha, and Eliezer run the Sports Club. Well, it’s the end of the week so bye.

Week #8 Student Blogging Challenge

This was the last week of the blogging challenge and some of the students reflected on which week they liked best in the challenge. We also did a survey as a class to vote on our favourite activities throughout all eight weeks.




 My favourite blogging challenge was my favourite activity and music. I liked the music challenge because I like making songs. I like my favourite activity because I like using my computer and also I like talking about skiing and what I like about it. I think we should go on a field trip and bring ipads and blog about the field trip.I also think we could make Qr codes there and then do a video chat and show our Qr codes and they will do the exact same thing!  By Lily


My favourite blogging challenge was the music challenge. I liked sharing my favourite song for the playlist. I also got to share a project that I did for music class. My project was on the JonasBrothers.  By Charlotte

Hi, my name is Adam. I like to blog about technology. For example robots and games. 

My favourite blogging challenge was writing about my favorite Jewish Holiday. My favourite blogging challenge was doing the music on garage band.  By Sacha

Why I like the blog! 

I like the blogging challenge because it is so fun. We get to learn how to blog. We also get to have new things every week! By Eden




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6 thoughts on “Blogger of the week- Olivia

  1. Mrs Di

    Hi Olivia –

    You did a great job as the blogger of the week! I enjoyed reading about all the different clubs you have available – wow, there is a lot to choose from. I am impressed that students are running some of the clubs, that takes some good organization skills. What type of activities does the Scavenger Hunt Club do?

    It appears that the favorite week for the blogging challenge was all about music. Have you seen the Chroome Music Lab? There are some interesting experiments to explore there.

    Another interesting choice is BeastBox by the Cornell Lab. It uses the “voices” of wild animals as part of the beatbox music.

    I hope you are enjoying December and the start of winter (we recently got a lot of snow)!

    Mrs Di
    HS Tech Integrator (NH-USA)

  2. jbennett31 (Post author)

    Hi Mrs. Di,

    Thanks for reading my blog. Scavenger Hunt club is a club where Grade 1 and 2 students take turns doing the same scavenger hunt it is a race and there is a winner at the end of the scavenger hunt. The winning team gets to choose a game to play. There are two teams for each scavenger hunt and there are team captains for each team in both grades the teams’ names are team 1 and team 2. No, I have not seen the chrome music lab.

    From Olivia

    1. Lily

      Hi Olivia,

      I liked reading your blog this week. The club on Wednesday is not called the Boardgame club it is called Games club because there is also a scavenger hunt and cards. You should come and fun with us one week.


      1. jbennett31 (Post author)

        Hi Lily,

        Thank you for reading my blog.I’m sorry about the club mix up. You did not do any scavenger hunts yet or cards. Maybe I will come and try your club for one week sometime soon.

        From Olivia

  3. Jon Mitzmacher

    I am sorry that it has taken me this long to catch up, but I did want to comment you – Olivia – on your work as “Guest Blogger”! You did a great job capturing in picture and words the big events from the week. I especially liked the way you provided other student feedback about the Student Blogging Challenge!

    What did YOU learn about either yourself or the class by having to document the learning? Were there new skills that you learned that you can apply to your regular learning? If you were going to provide feedback to a first-time “guest blogger”, what would you tell him/her to help them be successful?

    Keep up the great work!

    1. jbennett31 (Post author)

      Hi Dr. Mitzmacher,

      Thank you for reading my blog. If there was a guest blogger that was just starting I would tell him or her to take lots of pictures and then write about it. There were a few new skills because last year Miss M. helped me so I learned to do it without help well Mrs. Bennett helped a little with putting it together.
      From Olivia


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