January 9

Throwback Thursday Part Two Blogger- Sarah

Our second Throwback Thursday post takes us back to the week before Winter Break, December 16-20th.

Hello, I’m Sarah, and I’m going to tell you about the Grade 4 class. (before the Break)



We did a Hannukah project.

Here is how it worked: we randomly chose a piece of paper. It said what you’re going to do your project on.we also have partners.

My partner was Jack. We got sufganiyot as our project!!! We had to talk

about  the thing that we chose. We can do it by:

  • a google slide
  • google docs
  • write it

or any other thing… Jack and I did a stop motion animation.


We were learning a song in Hebrew (it’s also our homework). It’s a short and simple song. Every night you’re supposed to practice online. There should be a link at the bottom of the homework if you want to listen to the song on youtube.

We had a Hanukkah show at night. All the classes performed songs and the older students performed a play. Everyone did a great job. It was a great show!

Ms. Signer came into our class and taught us about Structured Word Inquiry. We looked at prefixes, base words, and suffixes.



We had reading buddies (we were the reading buddies of the Grade Ones!). My reading buddies were Maya, Lila, and Emma. It was nice to read with our reading buddies. We read a few Hanukkah stories that our buddies enjoyed very much.


We had a chance to work on creative writing. I am working on a story with Eliya and we might get it published when we finish the story. It is called The Portal of Knowledge.


Some of the students wrote songs, poems, and some Shabbat stories.

A Hanukkah Rap written by Joel and Adam T.



The morning started off with a Rosh Chodesh Assembly. We sang our Put First Things First song at the assembly. We spent time measuring the perimeters of our desks, the carpet, and tiles on the floor today. We had to clean out our lockers and desks. We did some quiet reading and then we had the chance to work on our creative writing. In Hebrew, we finished our special candle projects where we talked about what lights us up.





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