January 17

Sneak peek: Grade 4 is bringing Pesach (Passover) to life!!

Question: Do we only talk about and remember the story of יציאת מצרים (Story of Exodus) during Passover??

Kitah Dalet  would say otherwise!

Not only do we find it in the Torah….

We ALSO remember the story everyday when we recite the שמע (Shema)

And… We are reminded it of it when we recite it every week in our קידוש (Kiddush)!

It was also pointed out that we sing about it in our סדר הלל that we say every Rosh Chodesh and festive holidays.

This is why we are starting our great Pesach learning project that we will work on right up until the Pesach holiday!

Kitah Dalet is very enthusiastic and excited to be embarking on this exciting adventure with Morah Shira and Morah Yardena!! We will learn about the story of Pesach as we retell it through Hebrew narration and scenic art animations. 

We are on our way!! Here is a glimpse as we begin….




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1 thoughts on “Sneak peek: Grade 4 is bringing Pesach (Passover) to life!!

  1. jbennett31

    Dear Kitah Dalet,

    I am so excited to see Pesach come to life. I have a feeling it is going to be an amazing project.

    Mrs. Bennett


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