January 20

Blogger of the week 4A- Georgia

                     This past week in 4A we did 


This week in math class we are working on telling time to the minute and elapsed time. We also talked about days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries and millennium we also did some measurements. Adam L was figuring out how many seconds in an hour. For example, an hour has 3600 seconds.


In class, before we start with Mrs. Bennett we read are books. To help our minds get ready to start or to finish the day with a good mindset. Mrs. Bennett is reading a book called Front Desk to the class.


Core French Class

En cours de français nous avons une nouvelle professeuse nommée Madame Jones. Nous avons travaillé sur l’heure en francais et le 24 heures. We did a skit about time, we also made snakes and ladders, and we worked on verbs in french. At the end of the week, we made verb puzzles. we had a great week in french!!


Extended French

In the extended French class, the students have been making projects about all different sports projects. They are also working on the community section and working on verbs too.


In Hebrew class, we are started to work on a Passover project and we are also working on a conversation project too. In Hebrew, we do a  כניסה לכיתה to start the day but only in the mornings, and on Friday we get or score back from the כניסה לכיתה. We are also starting a project at Hillel lodge with the residents called והדרת פני זקן. 



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