January 28

LILY – Blogger of the week 



Today in English we read Front Desk. Front Desk is a really good book. It is about a girl named Mia who is trying to win a motel. She entered a competition, but she did not win. After reading, we then did multiplication. We worked on our multiplication chart. If we finished the multiplication chart, we could then play multiplication games. The next thing we did was story writing. Story writing is where you make a story by yourself or with a partner and when you are done the story you can present it to the class. We love story writing! Next we had a Rosh Chodesh assembly. It was about the habit win-win, Israel facts, helping people that are lonely, and recycling plastic.

We also did a science experiment. It was about light. We tried to shine light off of a mirror and make it go through a paper that is hole punched and the mirror would make the light reflect on someone’s shirt. 



In Gym class, we played World Domination. World domination is where there are four teams and you try to hit the other teams with dodgeballs. If you hit one person from another team, that person joins your team. When one team hits all of the people in another team those two teams join into one team you try to get everyone on one team and you have to run to one side of the gym to another and you try not to get hit and if you did you going the people throwing dodgeballs and try to get everybody out. It is really fun


 In Hebrew class, we are working on bringing Passover to life.We have to make people and things out of clay.We also have to make backgrounds and learn the lines that we say for the play. Each person gets a partner and each person gets a role for a play that you have to do with your partner. We will videotape the play with our clay people. The project is really hard but fun! We did the wow board is a board and if you are being really good in class you get your name on the wow board and when you are good but your name is already on the wow board you get a check mark. Our teacher writes all the  times that we have been good and then our teacher picks three people and the three people get to choose a prize. Show and tell, a day off homework, become a teacher assistant are some of the favourite prizes we pick.



In French class, we are working on our verbs. Today we are working on the verb faire. We are also doing a play, about not to bully someone or not to get in trouble at school. We love it and it is very fun! We played verb bingo. We made pizza out of playdough and talked about all the ingredients in french.



In Music class we are doing something where you have a partner and you and your partner get to choose a song that you have to do on a recorder. You have to master that song with your partner and when you master the song with your partner on your recorder you then play it to the class! We love music class!



In Art class, we made a picture of a tree with a background. We were weaving a tree with string and we panted a paper plate to make the background then we could decorate the tree. We are very good at art!


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  1. Mrs. Reichstein

    Lily, what a great blog post! You wrote such great detail. During creative writing, what did you choose to write your story about? I bet you have your name on the WOW board a lot. What reward would you pick if your name gets picked? I think being the teacher’s assistant sounds pretty cool. Thanks for sharing what Grade 4 is up to. Looks like you are all budding scientists, artists, musicians, athletes and scholars!! You’re a busy bunch.


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