March 15

Innovation Day

Innovation Day

In anticipation of Innovation Day: the students were given the challenge of designing a Rube Goldberg machine. The students needed to include a pulley in their design and have the machine perform a specific task at the end of its chain reaction, like popping a balloon or ringing a bell. The students worked in pairs and used technological problem-solving skills to design, build, and test their machines.

 Patience and perseverance proved to be the skills crucial for this challenge. There was excitement in the class as each Rube Goldberg machine finally worked. A few of the machines did not work and that was part of the learning process as well. It was amazing to see the children go and help their friends’ problem solve and make adjustments to the machines.


Innovation Day was a huge success. The students had a chance to explain their design thinking skills and problem-solving skills that led to their final Rube Goldberg machine. The parents loved seeing the machines in action. 

Maker pedagogies promote important principles including inquiry, play, imagination, innovation, critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and personalized learning.


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