March 24

Persuasive Writing

The Grade 4 students were challenged to write a persuasive essay just before we left school in the second week of March. The idea of trying to persuade someone had many of the students thinking of how they could persuade their parents to get them an apple watch or a dog. Other students thought about trying to persuade Dr. Mitzmacher into having more breaks during the school day, having quieter classrooms, and the need for school without uniforms. The children had fun filling out their graphic organizers and imagining ways to be persuasive.


Fast forward two weeks and it is funny because some of the things the children were hoping for happened with the closure of the school. The students could take some breaks during the day, they didn’t have to wear their full uniform just the uniform top, and the classrooms became a little quieter with everyone at their own house.

Some students were successful at persuading their parents and one student is now the proud owner of an apple watch that happened to arrive on her birthday. We hope to share our persuasive essays on our blogs one day with hopes of Dr. Mitzmacher reading them. Who knows we might just give him some good ideas.


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