February 9

Exploring and celebrating differences in Grade 4 Social Studies

In our Grade 4 Social studies class, we are finishing off the first part of our Early Societies unit in which we have explored a variety of Early Societies from around the world. In this final section, we are exploring the Arctic Indigenous Communities of Canada, more specifically known as the Inuit communities. We have looked into how their daily lifestyles, family structures and settlements look different from what we know in our lives, but at the heart; the importance community and family are the same!

As always, you know that I LOVE a practical project element! We are finishing our unit working out just how those communities used the land to their advantage. Here you will see our students working out how to build a temporary winter settlement. From how to tackle non- packed snow to building ‘snow bricks’ and creating ‘icy cement’ and finally, how do you make the roof slope!?


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1 thoughts on “Exploring and celebrating differences in Grade 4 Social Studies

  1. noatiliw

    Hi Miss.M, I’m was looking at the pitchers you posted and I think I would do that any day! Are you building an igloo or a fort?\

    Noa Tili


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