February 11

Is our classroom, an inclusive classroom?

Frustrated. Done. Confused. Not motivated.

These were the feelings that were mentioned when we completed an ‘in someone else shoes’ activity today. Students were given the same task with one element that was different. Some had to complete it with their eyes closed or only using one hand (“that’s impossible!”) Some their instructions were in Spanish (“WHAT!”) Others without necessary tools (“where are my supplies?!”) The final group, got all the instructions and all supplies in a language they understood…

“Is this an inclusive classroom?” I asked, “Could we all succeed by been given the same task, the same instructions, with no thought to learning styles or exceptionalities?” (a big no! from the class)

“Could you learn in an environment where you feel frustrated, confused or alone all of the time?” (another big no from the class)

So, what is an inclusive classroom? Is our classroom inclusive? Could we/I do more?  Here are the thoughts from Grade 4:

We will continue this conversation as a class and continue to learn and grow! If any student would like to develop their thinking and how we can make our world more inclusive – please check out the JOIN competition  

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