November 1

Jewish studies during October

Hello dear parents ,

Another month of learning is almost behind us. This month we managed to learn a lot and even though remote studying isn’t always easy (for all of us). We managed to enter a proper school routine and the children are working hard, as well as learning the importance of facing difficulties in learning a second language. In September, which was full of holidays, we learned and got to know phrases and words for each holiday. Later we learned about Eliezer Ben Yehuda and his contribution to the Hebrew language. We also learned about the seasons, autumn in particular, and their characteristics. We also learned about verbs in the past tense and how they can be adapted to the correct pronouns. Each student is given an assessment and each of them is placed in the appropriate level group so that they can study according to their level. In addition, we study prayer, Torah and Parshat Hashavua.


Next month, the Israeli-Jewish personality of the month will be Yitzhak Rabin and the theme of the month will be foods. This month we are doing a food project with the kids that aims to accomplish two goals: Firstly, establishing a solid vocabulary and verbal conversation abilities that the children could use in everyday life (in places such as restaurants, markets, grocery stores and even at home). Secondly, connecting the kids to their Jewish heritage through their stomachs. Starting from their own home, we will slowly expose them to the different types of cuisine common in different ethnical groups within the extremely broad Jewish community. We distributed to the children pages with a partial list of popular foods (in English, Hebrew and accompanied by pictures), the children must fill each day with 5 food items that they ate that day. We would like to ask you the parents to take an active role in the childrne’s Jewish studies and encourage them to present to you what they learn in class. Encourage them to become interested in their own background by speaking with them about the kinds of food your family enjoys. 


We thank and wish you a good day,

Hamorah Dana and Hamoreh Saar.


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