November 2

Beaver Computing Challenge!

In the enthusiasm and dedication to mathematical growth and thinking of the OJCS, we are bringing the Beaver Computer Challenge to all students in grades 4 and above. Created by students, teachers, and professors from the University of Waterloo: The Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing, this contest is open to students around the country and around the world, and we are SO EXCITED to be participating in this year!

The Beaver Computing Challenge (BCC) introduces Computer Science through problem-based questions with a focus on the connections I’ve listed above (and that was just a few!) Students require no prior knowledge about computing, but rather work toward problem-solving and using those “hidden” computer science skills for hands on learning and experience.

The contest is a 45-minute timed experience that involves a total of 12 (15 in grades 7/8) multiple-choice questions at 3 different levels, A, B and C.  “A” level is the easiest of the three, and then it becomes more challenging with level “C.” Students complete the contest on their own devices, and are allowed a calculator and are encouraged to use pencil and paper to use the strategies taught in class to draw a graph, make a table, draw a diagram etc.

There are two different levels of contests, one for grades 4-6 and another for grades 7-8. This ensures that the math curriculum and material provided is aligned with the content material and methods of strategy and answers by grade cohorts.

This year, the Beaver Computer Challenge Contest will be conducted on NOVEMBER 9th 2021 at the OJCS. Grades 4-8 will be writing this contest on the same day during a scheduled time with their Mathematics teacher in class. 

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