November 11

Instructions for November’s final project

Dear parents, as you already know, this months’ project is on the topic of food. Today we explained to the students how they should start working on their food related project. While all of the explanations were given in class, we feel that the best results will be achieved if you guys are onboard. The following are the outlines of the entire project as they were given to the kids:


  • The entire duration of the presentation must be under 5 minutes. Should you need more, ask one of the teachers and explain why.
  • All presentations must include as much Hebrew as possible, each student is expected to include content in Hebrew in accordance to their own ability.  
  • The topic of the project is a food that has some special meaning to you and your family members. It doesn’t have to be traditionally Jewish/Israeli, but it would be better if it was. 
  • The kids can pair up, no more than two in a group. If they work as a duo, they can do a presentation about the same food, or two separate presentations, their choice.
  • The presentation must contain the answers for the following questions:
    • What food did you choose? ( I chose to do my project about Hummus)
    • Why did you choose it? Or why does this food mean something to you and your family members? (My bubby used to make my mom latkes on rainy days, my mom makes me latkes on rainy days, so every rainy day I think about latkes, and so on.)
    • What is the history of this food in general, and what is its history within your family? (for example: Chumentash symbolizes Haman harasha’s ears, they come from ancient Persia, my zeidi always brought us a box of Chumentash on Purim)
    • What is it made of? Where can you find the food itself? (grocery stores, in the wild, restaurants, etc.)
  • After gathering the information from the question above, the kids will have to decide on a method of delivery for their project, this is the part where they get to be as original as they can. Just off the top of my head, they could do:
    • A presidential debate between two politicians arguing which food should be the national food? Couscous or Burekas?
    • A skit about a Canadian going to an Israeli restaurant asking what’s in every dish.
    • A slide show about the food the kid chose.
    • A large plack with cutouts, texts and pictures on it.
    • A news article covering a huge accident on the Ottawa river causing a mass spill of lucky charms into the lake. 
    • The sky’s the limit, any idea the kids have that cover all the materials gathered in the last section is perfect. 
  • The presentations need to be ready for the week of 29.11-3.12, we won’t have all presentations done in a row, but will spread them out throughout the week. We’ll give each student a more specific date after reviewing their progress at the end of next week.
  • Have fun, push your kids to explore your background and culture, inspire them to be as imaginative as they can!!!

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