June 16

We are building each other up in Grade 4…

Following our grade level ‘Post-it party’ conversation with Ms. Gordon about kindness and inclusion, we also touched upon personal experiences of kindness and unkindness and the ways we can problem solve together to ensure that we THINK before we speak:

This was followed by a outdoor workshop with Jennifer Monroe about the three C’s: collaboration, community and communication:



Grade 4 were tasked with a project to ‘build’ each other up. Students were briefed, on Friday, about each lego brick represent a kind, caring, thoughtful act that happens without an adult prompting and when they do something like that, they can take a brick and ‘build’ up a community of kindness. After 2 days, here is the progress:


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1 thoughts on “We are building each other up in Grade 4…

  1. sreichstein

    Good afternoon Grade 4,

    What a GREAT idea!! How big are your LEGO structures now?

    Mrs. Reichstein


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