November 10

Grade 4 Extended French

Here are a couple of the week’s activities from our Grade 4 Extended French class.

We concluded our ‘Tout sur moi” presentations with our café activity. Students rotated in small groups while presenting their favourite sentences from their project. Our hosts remained in their seats as different students would come by and share some of their work. We moved around in 5 rotations while enjoying hot chocolate, donuts and plenty of French discussion.

Another of our activities was the popular 4 corner game. This game can be played with any theme, we have been learning how to correctly use the adjectifs possessifs in our sentences. Students were given 6 sentences and the goal is to make as few mistakes as possible with regards to spelling, punctuation and grammar. The tricky part is that there are 3 different roles for different group members, the roles rotate at each turn. One student must go retrieve information as the messenger, another helps write, a third student is the editor. The roles are constantly rotated in order to give everyone a chance to participate in all 3 roles. The team with the fewest mistakes after 10 minutes is victorious.

Finally, we also played our mixed up lyric game. Students are introduced to a new French song. The song that we listened to was the French classic “La Bohéme”. The song is replayed twice and the different group members try to piece the lyrics in the correct order. We broke these lyrics into 12 different parts.

There are a a few of the ways that we have tried to integrate games into our learning.

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