January 16

Weekly Newsletter

Welcome back Grade 4 families,

*I am trying out a new format for Grade 4 updates (This post was in slide format last term). I will be setting it up to go out on a Monday with information for the upcoming week.*


Homework in Grade 4 is set on a Monday. Please check the Homework page for update homework information.

Language Arts homework this month is a reading homework with tasks. 

What’s happening in our classroom?

We are deep in the planning stage of our Wild Robot – Stop motion project! Exciting times! Learning about all that goes into pre-production; story boarding the full scene then breaking it shot by shot deciding what props and movement is needed. We are also learning about script writing and sound effects… that was my first week back! The sets are being built so behind-the-scenes sneak peeks will appear soon!

We also started our pre-public speaking persuasive writing practise looking at what persuasive writing is, what persuasive writing tool are using our knowledge of PEEL paragraphs to back up our points with evidence.

Science is paused for a few weeks but when we begin again we will be starting our cross-curricular innovation day project looking into pulley and gears in the Medieval times!

Here we are on PJ day:



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