September 24

Our first few weeks in Grade 4…

Here in Grade 4, we like to document our learning so that you, at home, can see what it is that is happening in the classroom. As you will have read in the weekly newsletter, we have really ploughed straight into our curriculum learning in General Studies: especially in Math and Language Arts (Don’t worry, science will be starting very soon!) So here are a few photos from our first few weeks:

In Math, we have been learning about Data management; comparing data in double bar graphs with concluding mathematical statements, evaluating trends in line graphs and soon we will be looking at how to collect data in Stem and Leaf t-charts:

In Language Arts, we all started to plan our first non-fiction informative blog in Grade 4. Over the next few weeks, we will be learning about embedding images and videos and practising how to hyperlink websites to our blogs. Although we have the added bonus of our devices, the use of book reference and research is still an important skill to upkeep:

September 24

We did it for Terry!

Today, we completed our 2021 Terry Fox run!


In class, we read a beautiful story of friendship between Terry Fox and Doug Alward called ‘Terry and Me’. Both 4A and 4B were respectful and inquisitive when we read through and learned more about who Doug was and the role he played in the Marathon of Hope.

Miss M even got to wear her 2019 Terry Fox shirt!

March 17

Homework Wednesday! Due Thursday March 25th

Hello, Grade 4!

It is 6 and 7 time!

Here are the online version of the homework tasks you have already:

As always here are some interactive games, if that suits your learning styles and here you will find rap 1 (6 times tables!) and rap 2 (7 times tables) to help really stick those facts in your head!

Language Arts – editing!

We have been working on our editing skills all year (and will continue to!) Watch this video and complete the edit task.

As always, if you have any questions please connect!

All the best,




March 10

Saber toothed tigers by bob

The saber-tooth tiger is an animal that was first found as fossils in the ice age when humanity was still in early development. the saber-toothed tiger was estimated to be a relative of the clouded leopard which will be in a different section of this blog. Here is an image of a saber tooth tiger fossil as you can see it is a cat and you can see why it’s called a saber-toothed tiger you can look at the teeth. The saber-toothed tiger’s scientific name is smilodon carnivorous catus genus meaning saber-toothed carnivorous cat. FUN FACT: the saber-toothed tiger lived with other leviathans like the Titanoboa the largest snake ever longer than a school bus.



Clouded leopard:

Clouded leopards usually eat porcupines, orangutans, golden snub-nosed monkeys,

Gibbons, macaques, slow loris, small


 deer and wild boars. You probably know that clouded leopards are carnivores. They kill porcupines by attacking their belly.

Clouded leopards kill by ambushing prey.

They do this by waiting for the prey to come then they jump off the tree and bite it.

For porcupines, they have a different strategy they attack the belly where there aren’t any spikes.

Clouded leopards can be hunted by even bigger cats such as lions leopards panthers tigers.

Their teeth are half as big as a  Tyrannosaurus Rex’s teeth.

Their teeth are extremely sharp.

Their teeth point sideways.

They have 2 giant canine teeth.

The smilodon

The smilodon’s teeth are bigger than a Trex tooth.

Did you know that the smilodon wasn’t really a relative to tigers it was a relative to domestic cats’ 80 percent same DNA not as impressive as the tiger’s 90 %.

The smilodon lived during the ice age where there were mammoths to hunt but they went extinct due to food chain imbalance and change of temperature.

Fun fact the smilodon hunted tigers while it lived however the smilodon was not an apex predator at that time, apex predator is a predator that has no natural enemies as the smilodon enemies were its Canada side living relatives that usually go to where the smilodon lives which is near Europe the continents were together at that time.

More facts the smilodon went extinct just 11,000 years ago.

A smilodon would never go to the sea as at that time the megalodon existed as the biggest shark ever

smilodons lived at the time where some humans existed however deforestation drove them extinct.

FUN FACT: the smilodon was smaller than a modern lion.

Not fun fact: saber-toothed tigers have eaten upwards of 10,00 animals and some humans.


Check out  my other blog about cells – Bobs Blog about cells (


March 5

Winter Fun Day

Grade 4 started their day with a Winter book read aloud with Miss Brigitte and danced the morning away with frozen winter sports statues. Then we braved the cold (it wasn’t that cold!!) to create our own  (DIY and improvised!) curling lane, there were ‘curling stones’ ‘sweepers’ and ‘targets’… It was fun! Check out the fun below: