November 9

Grade 4 are BEAVERING away…

So my classes know I love a good pun… (hello, social studies river class – let’s just meander on past this!!) Today, we took part in the Beaver Computing Challenge. It was a whole lotta problem solving and logic! All I can say is WOW, I was so impressed with the perseverance and determination to complete the task. Here they are in action:

November 2

Beaver Computing Challenge!

In the enthusiasm and dedication to mathematical growth and thinking of the OJCS, we are bringing the Beaver Computer Challenge to all students in grades 4 and above. Created by students, teachers, and professors from the University of Waterloo: The Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing, this contest is open to students around the country and around the world, and we are SO EXCITED to be participating in this year!

The Beaver Computing Challenge (BCC) introduces Computer Science through problem-based questions with a focus on the connections I’ve listed above (and that was just a few!) Students require no prior knowledge about computing, but rather work toward problem-solving and using those “hidden” computer science skills for hands on learning and experience.

The contest is a 45-minute timed experience that involves a total of 12 (15 in grades 7/8) multiple-choice questions at 3 different levels, A, B and C.  “A” level is the easiest of the three, and then it becomes more challenging with level “C.” Students complete the contest on their own devices, and are allowed a calculator and are encouraged to use pencil and paper to use the strategies taught in class to draw a graph, make a table, draw a diagram etc.

There are two different levels of contests, one for grades 4-6 and another for grades 7-8. This ensures that the math curriculum and material provided is aligned with the content material and methods of strategy and answers by grade cohorts.

This year, the Beaver Computer Challenge Contest will be conducted on NOVEMBER 9th 2021 at the OJCS. Grades 4-8 will be writing this contest on the same day during a scheduled time with their Mathematics teacher in class. 

October 22

Grade 4 Class rep – Elections Friday, October 29th

Hello, Grade 4 and Grade 4 Families,

We are at the time of year where our School Knesset campaigning has begun! Middle School students are running for a variety of roles from the president to communications to the treasury and the vote for these roles will be completed this week.

Class representatives from Grade 3-8 will be selected the following week Friday, October 29th. Grade 4 will select 2 reps, one for 4A and one for 4B. Students are encouraged to take the leap and put themselves forward for these important leadership roles. I have spoken with both classes about what being a class representative means and shared an info sheet with the process of running for Class representative.


Running for class representative

Being a class representative means you will represent your class in Knesset. You will listen to the views of the class and present relevant opinions to the School Knesset, attend the monthly Knesset meetings, share important information to the class from meetings,  and be a part of monthly assemblies. 

If you want to run for class rep, here is what you need to do:

  • Tell Miss M you want to run by Friday, Oct 22nd
  • Make a campaign poster to hang in our room
  • Write a SHORT 20-30 second speech about how and why you would make a good class rep
  • You will present your speech (and the vote will happen) on Friday, October 29th



October 6

General Studies Homework. Due Date: Wednesday, October 13th 2021

Good Morning Grade 4 and Grade 4 families,

Today… we begin homework!

General Studies homework will be given each Wednesday due in for the following Wednesday. The math portion links directly to the weekly math quiz. Students will have a homework folder and homework will be posted here on the blog also.

Math: Students will be practising the 2, 5 and 10 tables this week. After this week we will focus on one set at a time. Students can use worksheets, they can verbally practise below you will find links to songs and games.

Language Arts: This is a piece of homework that is ongoing for the next 4 weeks. We have been learning about recounts in class, using chronological order, past tense verbs and personal pronouns. Students are asked to choose one event to recount each week and then over the weeks, they will form a journal-style piece of writing. This can be handwritten or typed.

October 1

Truth and Reconciliation Day

Grade 4 took part in their first whole-class learning experience about what Truth and Reconciliation Day and Orange shirt day is about. Using age-appropriate language we looked into what is meant by ‘Truth’, how difficult it can be to hear the truth but how important it is to listen to other peoples truths. We were introduced to a new word of ‘Reconciliation’, it was amazing to hear how the Grade 4’s linked this to their own learning about Yom Kippur #crosscurricular!

Students also discovered who Phyllis Wedstad is and the meaning behind Orange Shirt Day. We took our first small step towards understanding by looking and creating a Land Acknowledgement of where our school sits, where we live and began a research project on different indigenous communities:

One student brought a beautiful book called ‘Treaty Words for as long as the Rivers flow’ into class. We will continue to read over the next week:

Finally, in Social Studies with Miss M, we continued to celebrate indigenous art by learning about how the BC-based artist  Douglas “Bear” Horne (Tswaout) created this year’s Orange shirt and by looking into the symbolism in animals, we began designing an Orange shirt of our own. Once they are finished, we will be laminating and displaying our design with an explanation of what the symbolism of the animal means.