October 7

Homework Wednesday! Due Date: October 14th 2020

Hello, Grade 4 and Grade 4 families,

*Adjusted weekly quiz date*

The math quiz focus is Decimal place value (tenths and hundredths) and whole number/decimal addition. The math quiz will be on Wednesday, October 14th 2020. ( I have adjusted this weekly day so it falls in line with homework submission). We’re working on this in class and the homework is linked to this.

Paper copies will be handed out in class but here are online versions if you need extra:

Language Arts – focus on how to use speech marks

Math – Here is our review video from in class



Any questions please reach out,




September 30

General Studies homework

Wednesday is homework day!

Don’t forget your bingo card is an ongoing personal interest choice and your reading log is there to help keep track of your nightly reading. Remember Grade4, YOU own your own learning!

(Thanks to K-5 learning for the worksheets!)

This week, we are focusing on rounding and estimating in math (up to thousands):

Our Math quiz (October, 9th) will focus on rounding and estimating 10s, 100s and 1000s. This will be both number and word problems.

Language Arts, we are looking at sequencing events within a non-fiction text.

Any questions, please connect.


Have a wonderful week,


September 23

Homework update!

Hello, Grade 4 and Grade 4 families,

So, now we have settled (almost!) in our new normal, we are beginning our homework posts. I say we, as myself and Morah Yardena, have teamed up to combine your homework this year! There is a blue note-tote with a yellow homework folder inside with everything I have posted below.

Each week on a Wednesday, we will post a homework blog and also hand out paper copies of homework in class.

First, there is a bingo card, click here to access, with a combination of skills practice items you can use and complete at your leisure (This does not all need to be completed in one week). This bingo card is for your child to practice skills at home that are personal to them.

Second, is a reading log for your child to keep track of at home Hebrew, English, and French reading (20minutes total each night of one language or a combination).

Finally, there is math skills practice specific to our in-class learning which will help towards the weekly math skills quiz. Each week, I will post the skill focus ready for the following week. Our first grade 4 math quiz will be on Friday, October 2nd and the focus is place value, expanded form, numerical and written form, and base 10 model representation. 

If you have any questions, please contact me or Morah Yardena and we will clarify.


Miss Mellenthin and Morah Yardena

September 6

A Little French a Day Will Brighten Your Way!

Improve your French language skills throughout the school year by engaging in fun independent learning activities.  Madame Raymond (your new French core teacher) has prepared a Google Slide Presentation to show many ways in which you can learn on your own.  Please go through the Slide Show and review all 7 activities.  I’m sure you will love learning French and showing your teacher and parents how you are making an effort to improve your language abilities this year.  Below this presentation, you will find the following Google documents: a book report, a video report and a record sheet.  Enjoy the presentation. Travaillez-fort!

Click here for the book report

Click here for the video report

Click here for the record sheet


January 29

General Studies Homework Jan. 29 – Feb. 5th

The students had the opportunity to choose their homework again this week. The new homework packet should consist of three pages of math and one page of writing. The students are able to choose additional math pages if they wish. I just tell them they can’t stay up until midnight doing homework 🙂 There are also a number of math links on this blog that the students can choose to work on in addition to their homework.


January 15

Personalized English Homework

The homework for this coming week is to work on multiplication facts and work on paragraph writing. The students had the chance to choose their homework pages to put in their duo-tangs. They will need to write two paragraphs on topics of their choice on lined paper or work on the paragraph sheet with stated topics.

The students also chose two or three pages of multiplication of specific times tables they need to work on. Some students have also asked for an extra page of multiplication that they will bring home tomorrow. All the students were pretty excited about having the chance to choose their own homework. I hope they are just as excited about doing their homework at home 🙂

Homework duo-tangs are due next Wednesday, January 22nd

November 28

Homework for tonight -November 28th

Tonight’s homework is to write a little review about one of the books you are currently reading for our reading challenges. You will share your reviews with the class tomorrow. It will be interesting to see what everyone is reading. Maybe one of your classmates will want to read the book you review. You can print the book review sheet out or you can write your review on lined paper, it is your choice.


Happy reading!

November 26

Four Corner Math Homework – November 26th

Tonight’s homework is called Four Corner Math. You will take a piece of paper and put the number 50 in the middle of the page. Your job is to find four different ways of making 5o. Try to use different operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) for each corner. You may use as many numbers as you wish in your questions.

*Bonus*You may try to do another page of Four Corners Math, for the numbers, 36, 49, & 64

Have Fun😃