April 7

Song for the 10 Plagues and what to bring for the Model Seder

Hi everyone,

Grade 1 enjoyed so much learning the motions for Kadesh Urchatz, a few of them asked if they can teach the motions for the 10 plagues. Of course I said yes, and asked if they want to come teach the Grdae 4s. They proudly said yes and on Friday came to teach Kitah Dalet the motions. Reciprocation is so wonderful… 馃檪

#We Learn Better Together聽


…and here is a video of them demonstrating it so we can all practice it at home.


P.S. Homework this week is to practice your parts聽and the songs for the Model Seder at Hillel Lodge.聽

April 2

住讚专 讛住讚专 注诐 转谞讜注讜转

As part of our preparations for the Model Seder at Hillel lodge, all students will present something throughout the Haggadah (explanations, riddles, song, etc…). Here we see 3 of our students using a video to teach us the signs for ‘Kadesh Urchatz’.

Kitah Dalet, please use it to practice at home.

The great thing is that now I can use it to teach my Kitah Alef students as well, and of course I will spread the word, so maybe other grades will use it as well.

Toda bannot聽馃檪


March 31

Reading Recording for Week of April 1st

This week your homework has more information about Pesach. Listen to the part and then answer the question at the end. I added the questions here on the blog, for your convenience. You may answer directly in the comment part of the blog, or in your ‘machberet.’ Try your best. 馃憤

Monday’s question is:聽

诪讛 讛诐 砖诇讜砖转 讛讞讙讬诐 讘讛诐 注诇讛 注诐 讬砖专讗诇 诇专讙诇, 诇讘讬转 讛诪拽讚砖?

Tuesday’s question is:聽

诇诪讛 讗谞讞谞讜 谞讜转谞讬诐 讻住祝 诇讗谞砖讬诐 注谞讬讬诐 诇驻谞讬 讞讙 讛驻住讞?

Wednesday’s question is:聽

诇诪讛 砖诪专讜 讛讗谞砖讬诐 注诇 讛讞讬讟讛, 砖诇讗 讬讘讜讗讜 诪讬诐 注诇讬讛?

Thursday’s question is:聽

诪讛 讗转诐 讞讜砖讘讬诐 砖注讜砖讬诐 注诐 讛讞诪抓 讗讞专讬 讛讬诪讬诐 砖诇 讛讞讙?

March 28

In Israel anyway… – 讗讘讬讘 讛讙讬注 驻住讞 讘讗

This year Kitah Dalet will be running a Model Seder at Hillel Lodge, for the residents from our ‘Vehadartah Pnei Zaken’ program, as well as other residents who wish to join us.

The Seder will take place Monday, April 15th at 2:15pm.聽 Please let me know by Monday, April 1st (tomorrow is even better), if your child will be away, as each child will receive a part to be in charge of and present during the Seder.聽

On top of reading the part, this project will involve giving some explanation of meaning and background as to why it is part of the Haggadah.聽

We went through the songs today and as always, I enjoyed listening to their beautiful singing.

Kitah Dalet, please continue practicing The Passover songsat home.

March 11

Reading Recordings for Week of March 11th

We continue the story of Megilat Esther this week… Be prepared to ask a question regarding the reading.






March 5

Reading Recordings – The story of Megilat Esther

You are welcome to listen along as you read each night:





February 11

Ve’hadartah Pnei Zaken

Dear Grade Four Parents,

We are excited to share with you that the grade 4 class is starting an exciting program called 讜讛讚专转 驻谞讬 讝拽谉 (Vehadarta P’nei Zaken: 鈥楻espect the Elderly鈥 ). 聽It is an intergenerational program that will link the children with residents at Hillel Lodge. The goal of聽Vehadarta P’nei Zaken is to provide the children with an enriching opportunity to establish a relationship with an elderly person and learn about his/her lifetime achievements. In return, the Hillel residents will have the opportunity to get to know a young person.

This project is done in cooperation between the Judaic and General studies teachers. In groups of twos, the students will be devising a list of interview questions in class. They will then be assigned a resident to interview and get to know better. We will have several opportunities to get together with the residents to聽ask these questions and learn about their lifetime achievements.

As well as the interview we will have other opportunities to share time together, (such as Shabbat, Sedder tu-Bishvat, Passover Sedder, lunch time chat/games, etc鈥) build a rapport with the residents and thus enhance the students鈥 appreciation of聽the elderly, while engaging聽in this worthwhile activity.聽

A final presentation will be prepared both in class (Language Arts, Judaics) and at home to be presented to the residents and then displayed at Hillel lodge.

The students and us are very enthusiastic about this program and are looking forward to getting started.聽


Morah Ada, and Mrs. Bennett.



February 3

Teaching Hebrew in Kitah Dalet

My biggest challenge as a language teacher is to get the students to speak more freely and to not be afraid of making mistakes.聽

As we add vocabulary, we often do little projects/activities that encourage speaking and it is often after the fact that I wish it was filmed, both to share on the blog, but more importantly so the students can watch themselves and learn from their mistakes…聽

They are happy to act out skits… but usually want to read… they are happy to play games… but want the structured sentence and to just fill in the missing word…. I so want them to take more risks and make mistakes… and learn from them…

The few times I did film our activities we learned a lot from it… and respecting my students wishes I will not share everything here as they are not yet comfortable with others hearing them speak… but here are few examples worth sharing, although they do not have the feedback part of learning from their mistakes, I am proud of sharing their first steps…

  1. Press the following link –聽注诇 – 转讞转 – 注诇 讬讚聽 – to see the students practicing the use of on, under, beside,etc… and names of colours. They were grouped in pairs, and received coloured cubes and an ipad. One was filming and giving instructions and the other had to build with cubes accordingly. It was quite challenging, but a fun way to encourage both talking and using active listening for comprehension.
  2. Upon coming back from their winter holiday, the students received a project to tell us about it. Most of the students chose to use slides to present, others created a poster, made an album, or created an i-movie.聽 They had a lot to say, and only this past week we ended the presentations. Follow these links – 1.聽Album presentation聽2. movie聽to hear two of the presentations….

Although there is no talking, here is also a link to the聽Google slides presentations

And some photos too:



February 3

Listening Comprehension for Week of Feb 4-8

This week’s homework is recognizing verbs in past tense and pronouns.

You will be listening to sentences and in your 诪讞讘专转 you will indicate the verb

and one of the following pronouns: 讗谞讬, 讛讜讗, 讛讬讗, 讗谞讞谞讜, 讗讜 讛诐

Here is an example:聽

You will write:

  1. 讛讜讗 专讗讛, 讗谞讬 专讗讬转讬
  2. 讛讬讗 讗诪专讛, 讗谞讬 讗诪专转讬

讬讜诐 砖谞讬

讬讜诐 砖诇讬砖讬

讬讜诐 专讘讬注讬

讬讜诐 讞诪讬砖讬