March 16

Math Quiz: March 23rd – FOCUS: Money work

Hello Grade 4,

It is MONEY time! You have your quiz on March 23rd and we will be covering all areas of money (addition, subtractions multiplication, making change, estimating costs). For this week’s homework, there is a lot of worksheets – YOU DO NOT NEED TO COMPLETE EVERY QUESTION. I have given an example of everything that will be on the quiz so you can decide which area you need to focus on. We have highlighted a minimum on each section during homework and organisation time – please check your folder!

As I have mentioned in the past, worksheets do not work for everyone. Here is some example of activities depending on your learning style:

Kinesthetic learners:

Visual learners:

Written or reading learners: 

Here are the worksheets

Auditory learners:

March 4

JOIN Competition submissions

As you know February was JDIAM (Jewish Disability and Inclusion Month), as apart if this Grade 4 students threw themselves in the JOIN competition with all they had! From models of Inclusive synagogues with signing Rabbis to inclusive storybooks and inclusive communities.
The focus this year was “Why inclusive communities are important and what does an inclusive community looks like?”

Here are the submissions:

(If your child is not a part of this, their video will be uploaded to their individual private blog as per media release permissions)

Click here for Chompers story

February 18

Rain Day Fun Day!

Trying to find a way to link building a chemical reaction volcano when that is not in the science portion of your grade level curriculum… EASY! Read The Wild Robot and create an alternative ending…

It is a loose connection (I know!) but it sure was fun building volcanoes and watching them erupt! What else can you do on a Rain Day Fun Day (Reimagined winter fun day!) Here are some of the volcanoes…

February 11

Hyflex schedule February 14th -16th

Click here to access a copy. Please do not save it as it is a working document that can change frequently.




February 11

Celebrating JDIAM in Grade 4 – Learning to sign

Wow! What a week! Here in Grade 4, one of our activities linking to JDIAM – Jewish Disabilities, Awareness, and Inclusion Month – Students have been learning how to sign their names! Here is a sneak peek of a few early birds – each child will have their own video uploaded to their independent blogs next week alongside their JOIN project (More about that next week!) – ENJOY!

(You will need an OJCS account to access these videos)