January 28

LILY – Blogger of the week 



Today in English we read Front Desk. Front Desk is a really good book. It is about a girl named Mia who is trying to win a motel. She entered a competition, but she did not win. After reading, we then did multiplication. We worked on our multiplication chart. If we finished the multiplication chart, we could then play multiplication games. The next thing we did was story writing. Story writing is where you make a story by yourself or with a partner and when you are done the story you can present it to the class. We love story writing! Next we had a Rosh Chodesh assembly. It was about the habit win-win, Israel facts, helping people that are lonely, and recycling plastic.

We also did a science experiment. It was about light. We tried to shine light off of a mirror and make it go through a paper that is hole punched and the mirror would make the light reflect on someone’s shirt. 



In Gym class, we played World Domination. World domination is where there are four teams and you try to hit the other teams with dodgeballs. If you hit one person from another team, that person joins your team. When one team hits all of the people in another team those two teams join into one team you try to get everyone on one team and you have to run to one side of the gym to another and you try not to get hit and if you did you going the people throwing dodgeballs and try to get everybody out. It is really fun


 In Hebrew class, we are working on bringing Passover to life.We have to make people and things out of clay.We also have to make backgrounds and learn the lines that we say for the play. Each person gets a partner and each person gets a role for a play that you have to do with your partner. We will videotape the play with our clay people. The project is really hard but fun! We did the wow board is a board and if you are being really good in class you get your name on the wow board and when you are good but your name is already on the wow board you get a check mark. Our teacher writes all the  times that we have been good and then our teacher picks three people and the three people get to choose a prize. Show and tell, a day off homework, become a teacher assistant are some of the favourite prizes we pick.



In French class, we are working on our verbs. Today we are working on the verb faire. We are also doing a play, about not to bully someone or not to get in trouble at school. We love it and it is very fun! We played verb bingo. We made pizza out of playdough and talked about all the ingredients in french.



In Music class we are doing something where you have a partner and you and your partner get to choose a song that you have to do on a recorder. You have to master that song with your partner and when you master the song with your partner on your recorder you then play it to the class! We love music class!



In Art class, we made a picture of a tree with a background. We were weaving a tree with string and we panted a paper plate to make the background then we could decorate the tree. We are very good at art!

January 20

4B Blogger of the week -Sam

General studies

This past week we had a guest from Hillel Lodge her name was Marilyn. She came and told us that we are doing a project with the seniors. We will be paired up with a senior and we are going to ask them a lot of questions and they will answer. The project is called V’Hadarta P’nei Zaken. We are all so excited to get to know the seniors better.

This week we got to choose our homework. We had to choose 2-3 math pages and write 2-3 paragraphs. Everybody loved it!


We also got to have reading buddies with grade one. We took flip grid videos of them reading. It was pretty cute.

This week we worked practicing time in math class. Ms. We were working on elapsed time and telling time to the minute. Ms. Cleveland took kids out to get ready for our next unit on multiplication.

This week we had a sports club. We played soccer. It was so fun. We also have gym 3 times a week. This week we played power-ups, castleball, and benchball

We have a new student in 4B (Noah)we are all having a great time with him and we are happy he is in our class.

Each day we start off by reading quietly at our desks.  We are taking part in two reading challenges this year, a school-wide one, and one with the Ottawa Sens.


Voici quelques presentations de nos projets sur les sports




We learned about respectful words and we wrote sentences with the words we learned.

In Hebrew, our grade started making clay sculptures for Sepher shmot.We are all having so much fun.

January 20

Blogger of the week 4A- Georgia

                     This past week in 4A we did 


This week in math class we are working on telling time to the minute and elapsed time. We also talked about days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries and millennium we also did some measurements. Adam L was figuring out how many seconds in an hour. For example, an hour has 3600 seconds.


In class, before we start with Mrs. Bennett we read are books. To help our minds get ready to start or to finish the day with a good mindset. Mrs. Bennett is reading a book called Front Desk to the class.


Core French Class

En cours de français nous avons une nouvelle professeuse nommée Madame Jones. Nous avons travaillé sur l’heure en francais et le 24 heures. We did a skit about time, we also made snakes and ladders, and we worked on verbs in french. At the end of the week, we made verb puzzles. we had a great week in french!!


Extended French

In the extended French class, the students have been making projects about all different sports projects. They are also working on the community section and working on verbs too.


In Hebrew class, we are started to work on a Passover project and we are also working on a conversation project too. In Hebrew, we do a  כניסה לכיתה to start the day but only in the mornings, and on Friday we get or score back from the כניסה לכיתה. We are also starting a project at Hillel lodge with the residents called והדרת פני זקן. 


January 9

Throwback Thursday Part Two Blogger- Sarah

Our second Throwback Thursday post takes us back to the week before Winter Break, December 16-20th.

Hello, I’m Sarah, and I’m going to tell you about the Grade 4 class. (before the Break)



We did a Hannukah project.

Here is how it worked: we randomly chose a piece of paper. It said what you’re going to do your project on.we also have partners.

My partner was Jack. We got sufganiyot as our project!!! We had to talk

about  the thing that we chose. We can do it by:

  • a google slide
  • google docs
  • write it

or any other thing… Jack and I did a stop motion animation.


We were learning a song in Hebrew (it’s also our homework). It’s a short and simple song. Every night you’re supposed to practice online. There should be a link at the bottom of the homework if you want to listen to the song on youtube.

We had a Hanukkah show at night. All the classes performed songs and the older students performed a play. Everyone did a great job. It was a great show!

Ms. Signer came into our class and taught us about Structured Word Inquiry. We looked at prefixes, base words, and suffixes.



We had reading buddies (we were the reading buddies of the Grade Ones!). My reading buddies were Maya, Lila, and Emma. It was nice to read with our reading buddies. We read a few Hanukkah stories that our buddies enjoyed very much.


We had a chance to work on creative writing. I am working on a story with Eliya and we might get it published when we finish the story. It is called The Portal of Knowledge.


Some of the students wrote songs, poems, and some Shabbat stories.

A Hanukkah Rap written by Joel and Adam T.



The morning started off with a Rosh Chodesh Assembly. We sang our Put First Things First song at the assembly. We spent time measuring the perimeters of our desks, the carpet, and tiles on the floor today. We had to clean out our lockers and desks. We did some quiet reading and then we had the chance to work on our creative writing. In Hebrew, we finished our special candle projects where we talked about what lights us up.




January 9

Throwback Thursday Part One Blogger – Eliezer

We are taking you back to the week of December 9-13th

My name is Eliezer and I am the blogger of the week.


In English, we worked on measurement we are learning about metres, centimeters, millimeters, and decimeters. We have a math booklet that we are working on and if we finish that we have a second one. Monica, Sam, and I went around the school and measured the perimeter of the seating area in the foyer, the art bulletine board, and the hallway. We had lots of fun measuring the perimeter of these areas.


Today we were working on the global math challenge where we hade to make the number 24 with 8, 8, 7, and 3. I came up with two answers this was my first.


I was not the only person that found answers. Lily found two answers and Zoe and Monica together found two.


We learned about alliteration.

Alliteration is when words start with the same sound.

There was a rap that we saw(that Sam really liked and always sings it).


We went to the library to do a research workshop with Brigitte. We had to pick a Singer / Athlete / Actor / Scientist. I picked an Athlete named David Beckman who plays Soccer. Other people got: Gal Gadot, Albert Einstein, Taylor Swift, and Michael Jordan.


We missed Gym to do the rehearsal for the assembly, we have four songs we are doing; Begin with the end in mind, Put first things first, Think win-win, our OJCS anthem, and a song in Hebrew.


December 6

Blogger of the week- Olivia

Hi my name is Olivia
I’m the blogger of the week and I will tell you what grade 4 did this week.

We had Hebrew first thing in the morning and we worked on our presentations about our daily routine. We had a mystery skype with another school in the afternoon. We had to guess where the other class was from clues from the students. The class was from Montgomery Alabama. Here are some pictures Adam L gave the other school some clues about where we live. The clubs at lunch on Monday were the Israel Games club and Leafs club.

On Tuesday the Book Fair was getting ready so no one could buy until 12:00 . I did not bring my money but some other kids brought their money for the Book Fair. There are some clubs on Tuesday, a Choir club, a dance club, and an Art club.

On Wednesday we had Hebrew first thing in the morning. During Hebrew, we did homework and Tefillah and we had a snack. The clubs on Wednesday are Detective club, French club, Comic making club, and Boardgame club.

There are Scavenger Hunt club, Sports club on Thursday. We went to the Book Fair and some of us got some things at the Book Fair. I spent a lot of money on the book fair on toys and books and school supplies like pencils, pens, and more.

We had Gym first thing in the morning we sang the Anthems in the gym we played Bench Ball and we had a choice of what we wanted to do for the rest of the class.

There are a lot of kids in Grade 4 running clubs this year like I do. Sarah and I run the Scavenger Hunt club Sarah and I have three helpers for the club they are Monica, Talia, and Eden.
Adam L. and Adam P. run comic-making club. Lily and Charlotte run the Board Game club. Sam, Sacha, and Eliezer run the Sports Club. Well, it’s the end of the week so bye.

Week #8 Student Blogging Challenge

This was the last week of the blogging challenge and some of the students reflected on which week they liked best in the challenge. We also did a survey as a class to vote on our favourite activities throughout all eight weeks.




 My favourite blogging challenge was my favourite activity and music. I liked the music challenge because I like making songs. I like my favourite activity because I like using my computer and also I like talking about skiing and what I like about it. I think we should go on a field trip and bring ipads and blog about the field trip.I also think we could make Qr codes there and then do a video chat and show our Qr codes and they will do the exact same thing!  By Lily


My favourite blogging challenge was the music challenge. I liked sharing my favourite song for the playlist. I also got to share a project that I did for music class. My project was on the JonasBrothers.  By Charlotte

Hi, my name is Adam. I like to blog about technology. For example robots and games. 

My favourite blogging challenge was writing about my favorite Jewish Holiday. My favourite blogging challenge was doing the music on garage band.  By Sacha

Why I like the blog! 

I like the blogging challenge because it is so fun. We get to learn how to blog. We also get to have new things every week! By Eden