March 25

Blogger of the week – Mia!

Hi, my name is Mia A. and I am the blogger of the week and the first blogger of 3rd term. And wow! What a week it was for grade 4! This week there was so much going on, like Spirit Week and Purim and many other special events.

It started out on Monday morning with everyone dressed up as their favourite character from a book or movie. We had lots of great costumes! I was Violet Baudelaire from the show ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’.

In extended French we had a test on the verbs ‘to play’ and ‘to do’. We also got tested on all the sports we learned about.

Next, we had gym class. In gym class we played castle ball.

Then, in Hebrew, we all had a chance to tell everyone about our costumes. We had a Dementor from Harry Potter, two Carmelita Spats from A Series of Unfortunate Events, plus two Violet Baudelaire’s two, and two Count Olafs from the same show. We also had a horseback rider named Zoe, and a couple other great costumes, too!

On Tuesday, it was Hawaiian Day. It was fun, but hard to pretend that there was no snow on the ground. Through the halls of the school, everyone was wearing colourful clothes and flower necklaces. Some people wore grass skirts, too. In many classes they played Hawaiian music. When we had art class, we had to finish our 3D masks, which didn’t take too long. They are very beautiful. They turned out so well.
Next we went to the library. We got the chance to look at books and borrow books that we liked the most. Our class is doing well with our reading challenge. Our goal was to read 600 books and we are way passed that number now!

On Wednesday, it was Future Career Day. There were many similar costumes in our class. We had a librarian, a dentist, lots of doctors, a surgeon, and lots of athletes.

It was exciting to see what everyone wants to become when they are older. Since we are all hard workers, I think we will all get there.We also had reading and math that day.

On Wednesday we also had a kindness team building workshop. It was cool and fun! We had some great activities like making a cup pyramid only being able to use a rubber band and string. It was hard but fun to work in a team.

Another exciting thing about that day was that the Shinshinim visited our class. They taught us all about Purim using a fun emoji quiz game. When one team got the right answer to a question, the other team had to get face paint to make them look silly.

Finally, one thing that was special for me that day was that it was my tenth birthday. I had fun passing out cookies and donuts to everyone in my class.

Thursday was the most exciting day of our week because it was Purim. We all got to dress up and exchange Mishloach Manot. All of the costumes were great, but some of my favorites were the three chocolate bars (Caramilk, Mars and Hershey’s).

First thing in the morning, our whole school got together for an assembly. During the assembly Rabbi Kenter from KBI Synagogue read the Megillah for us. It was a very energetic reading. After the assembly my class got together for a Purim movie. I enjoyed it because the whole cast was made up of kids our age.

After the movie, we got to go to the Purim Carnival, which had a lot of fun games like ‘Coke or Pepsi’, ‘Revenge is Sweet’, ‘Hit Haman’, and many more. When a student won a game, they would get tickets that they could trade in for prizes. My favorite prize that I won was a soda can topper bracelet.

For the last three periods of the day, my mom came to OJCS to speak to our class about speechwriting. She is a professional speechwriter and we are preparing for our public speaking contest. She gave us a lot of useful tips, like how to pick a good topic, how to research, how long to speak for, and how to make our speech interesting.

The last day of the week was Friday. Everyone came to school in their pyjamas! Some of us even brought stuffed toys. In math, I got called up to the board to solve a division problem. Then in Phys Ed we played hockey. At the end of the day, Dr. Mitzmacher sent out our report cards. We had a great week!

I liked being the blogger of the week even though it was stressful. I would like to be the blogger again! I wonder who the next blogger will be…

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9 thoughts on “Blogger of the week – Mia!

  1. Elana Aptowitzer

    I’m very proud of you, Mia. This is a great blog post! And I had no idea you were filming me….Thanks for that. LOL

    1. jbennett31 (Post author)

      Hi Mommy,
      Thank you for reading my blog (even though you read it about a million times at home) and of course I was filming you, it was very important information, it is not everyday we have a speech writer in our class to help us with public speaking!
      From Mia

  2. Audrey

    Hello Mia,
    I loved your blog. It was amazing.
    I would really want to be the blogger
    again just like you. Thanks for making This wonderful blog!

  3. Joey

    Hi Mia,
    Your blog was amazing because you had great pictures, videos, but my favourite part was the writing. I am excited for when I am the blogger but is it really that stressful? You really made it not look hard at all!

    From Joey Sh.

  4. Na'ama Uzan

    Hi Mia,
    I really liked your blog. Thank you for making our class blog so awesome and colorful. Do you think you can help me when I am the blogger of the week?
    From Na’ama


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