June 15

Grade 4 Student Blogfolios

Students begin to use their blogs in Grade 3. There is a HUGE leap in Grade 4, as students begin to document and reflect on their learning. You will see an increase in student blogging skills such as embedding images and videos as well as a more relaxed tone as students learn to speak in their own ‘blogging voice’.

Unlike traditional writing, blogging opens up a space for all students to voice their thoughts and opinions  whether it be through creating a written post, a video post, or commenting on a post. You may think that the work on student blogfolios is not ‘traditionally perfect’ meaning there maybe spelling and grammatical errors… this is a learning space and making mistakes is a part of learning.

Here is a list of the Grade 4 student blogs, you can also find them on the side bar on the front page:

Emma’s blog

Josh’s blog

Starielle’s blog

Ethan’s blog

Lyla’s blog

Dino Trainer’s blog

TXMad’s blog

Samantha’s blog

Abby Kitty’s blog

Jonas’ blog

Have Fun’s blog

Lulu’s blog

Daniel’s blog

Egg Bob 2’s blog

Maia’s blog

Peanut 194’s blog

Enderking’s blog

Nathan’s blog

Noa’s blog