January 16

Hyflex Schedule

Hello, Grade 4 learners and Grade 4 families,

As we enter our new pivot to hyflex learning on Monday, if you are an at-home learner please find your schedule below, I have also shared it with all Grade 4 students (check your email) in case any last-minute switches happen.

You can also click here to find a copy of the schedule.

Important to note:

  • All at-home learners will be following the 4B schedule regardless of which class they are in, when in school.
  • The ‘GREEN’ lessons are live lessons where your teacher will be expecting you in the class Google Meet.
  • Please open the necessary teacher slides to ensure you have any documents/slides open/printed, ready for the lesson.

November 19

Great Lakes of Canada Project

In Grade 4 social studies, we have been learning about the great lakes across Canada. Students in Ms M’s social studies class have been hard at work building replica’s (please proceed with imagination!) From Lake Erie (with added Niagra Falls!) to Lake Superior, Lake Ontario and Lake Michigan and not forgetting Lake Lake Huron, we will tie this directly into our final project in which we learn about the physical regions of Canada.

We will be testing soon and video recordings uploaded to individual blogs…Watch this space…

November 5


…To quote one of the many exclamations of excitement in the Grade 4 science class this week! We recapped transparent, translucent and opaque objects, creating a window of objects. Then we extended our learning by exploring refraction and the different mediums through which light can transfer and how light can ‘trick’ our eyes into seeing a mirage of an object.