April 7

Homework Wednesday!

Welcome back Grade 4!

Math homework:

We will focus on the 8 times tables this week (Quiz date: Wednesday, April 14th)

Practise worksheets can be found here

Interactive multiplication games can be found here!

Public speaking information:

As mentioned previously here is a copy of the deadline dates for public speaking. We will predominantly work on this piece of writing in class but I am aware that students want to work at home so here use the booklet we will use to structure:


March 23

Innovation Day 2021!

Hi-Grade 4 Families,

We are so excited to invite you into our classroom (virtually, of course!) for our 2021 Innovation Day! Our project was based around our Science unit of Pulley systems. Students needed to build their own pulley system, using our Scientific process of pre-learning to build a hypothesis, designing and building, testing results and then concluding. Here is an overview of our creative journey:

Please check out individual student blogs to see out the amazing pulley systems!

March 10

Homework Wednesday! Due March 17th

Hello, Grade 4 Families,

Multiplication facts 3’s and 4’s are the focus this week. Quiz date Wednesday, March 17th.

As always students will have paper copies in their yellow homework folders.

Worksheet 1 – one minute drills

Worksheet 2 – Target 3 time tablesĀ 

Online multiplication games can be found here and IXL multiplication recommendations can be found here.

As we work through our Pulleys project, correct procedural writing will be used in our Science lab reports. Students should complete the procedural writing task (found here), posting their writing to their independent blog.

As always any questions, please email!

All the best,


March 3

Homework Wednesday returns! Due date Wednesday, March 10th

Following a long hiatus, grade 4 homework Wednesday’s return!


As we know, Grade 4 students should be fluent in their multiplication facts up to 10×10 by the end of Grade 4 so I will be re-starting multiplication homework and then weekly quizzes banking a few sets together.

This week we will begin easy, with 2,5,10’s. Students are encouraged to IXL as there is a bank of practise awaiting them within the recommendations section.

Worksheets will be printed and handed out in class but can also be found here if a sheet happens to go missing:

2 times

5 times

10 times

If online practise works for you – check out this read-aloud practise

Wednesday, March 10th is the 2,5,10 multiplication quiz date.

Language Arts

We continue with our grammar Wednesdays’ and having been looking at making our writing even more interesting with adjective and adverbs. Click here for ordering adjectives practise

One final reminder that students should be reading at least 30minutes each night.

As always please reach out if there any issues with homework completion and we will problem solve together!

All the best,