October 12

Global Maker Day!

Today, we participated in Global Maker day today!

Grade 4 were super excited about getting space and time to be curious creators and innovative thinkers. Students had the opportunity to listen to the live stream showcasing how to connect and build global connections. Many students jumped straight in with the practical building task and others wanted to innovate using technology (coding!) Here are a few snaps from the day:


June 17

Factors Affecting Habitats

Here is a selection of Grade 4 research topics about factors that could affect an animal or plant habitat. Students were getting ready for Grade 5 with learning about what a bibliography is and how they can collect their sources as well as practising their note-taking skills.

(Bibliographies were stored in the speaker note section of the slide doc so they can not be seen here.)

June 3

Understanding Habitats

Grade 4 have started to look into the interconnectivity of plant, human and animal habitats. Today, we explored what each living organism needs to survive and the ways that each different organism has to adapt to survive. Then we looked at examples of different habitats. Here is our collaborative Padlet:

May 26

Magical maccabiah.. Do I hear you say?! Let me ‘Slytherin’ and tell you about it…


Each year, our student government works hard to plan מכביה (Maccabiah) – our school-wide colour war event. Featuring various high-energy events, competitions, and even trivia challenges, it is something our students and staff all look forward to. Our school-wide day of friendship and fun will take place on Friday, June 11th, 2021 and we’re gearing up for a great day (with more info to come)! 
This year, our students are excited to be sorted into the houses of Hogwarts as they prepare for Maccabiah – Harry Potter style! We can’t wait to see what sorts of high-jinks our wizards get into. Will there be potion making? A game of quidditch? A life-size game of chess to reach the Sorcerer’s Stone? Time(turners) will tell!
Though we will represent Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin – we know that there is nothing quite as good as when we’re all rooting for the same team – in this case, OJCS. And that’s where we need YOUR help… Our school is just $10,800 away from reaching our fundraising goal this entire school year. That is just $60 per student! 
Here is the main fundraising link: http://bit.ly/maccabiah2021