September 18

Birthday Project – Hebrew

Dear Parents,
This year, on their birthday students are being asked to create a presentation on bristol board on themselves. Students will present their project to their classmates. To do this, we need a variety of photos of the Student and his family on trips, eating their favourite food etc. Next to each picture they should write why they chose this picture (in Hebrew).
For example: a picture with pizza – “I chose the picture because I like to eat pizza” בחרתי את התמונה הזו כי אני אוהב לאכול פיצה””.
A picture of New York – “I chose the picture because I want to go to New York in my bar mitzvah”- “ בחרתי תמונה של ניו יורק כי אני רוצה לנסוע לניו יורק בבר מצווה שלי etc.
The students will have time in school to do this project and they are encouraged to work on it at home. There is an example showing how it could look.
I would appreciate your help in sending the photos
for any question do not hesitate to email me.
Morah Dana