November 26

Verb test- Extended French

There will be a verb test on the verbs ,

être, avoir, aller and faire.

There will be 3 components to the test.

Part 1. Fill-in-the-blank using the correct verb.

Part 2: Translate the sentences from English to French.

Part 3: Create ten different sentences using a mix of pronouns and verbs.

A study/review packet was handed out in the class, and there are many verb games from Francais Facile posted to this blog.

Please let me know if there are any questions.

November 25

Homework Wednesday!

Good morning, Grade 4!

Homework this week is a continuation of multiplication facts practise. Please see last weeks post for all resources plus continue to use your pack at home. and the homework planner included. I will be checking in with each student to see what they have worked on this week.

In addition to this, we have started to challenge ourselves with 2 digits by 1 multiplication. IF you are confident with your facts and want to practise these skills, here is a link to practice worksheets. I will also print copies of this to hand out in class.

There will be no Language Arts homework this week but remember you must still be doing your 20-30minutes of nightly reading.

All the best,



November 18

Multiplication workpacks!

Hello, Grade 4 and Grade 4 families,


A multiplication work pack is coming today. This is 4 weeks worth of practice. You will see that we have planned for each sheet, in the planner and added a date to be completed. Each practice will take no more than 5-10mins per night (Mon-Thurs). Please follow the chunked method (a small amount each day) rather than cramming an hour-long Sunday evening ‘homework night’.


Each person learns differently so I am not encouraging anyone method over another but each child must be accountable for their practice. Here are some methods of accountability:

  1. Plan out when you will do each set – use the planner in the homework pack.
  2. Complete worksheet and submit for marking in class
  3. Make flashcards for each set of facts and verbally practise with some at home
  4. Complete a flipgrid practise video
  5. Spend time on IXL – Multiplication practise

We have had a whole class discussion about homework responsibility and accountability.

Online resources for practising facts:

Resource 1

Resource 2

Resource 3

Any questions, please connect!


November 11

It has been a busy few weeks…

From starting our new Science unit of ‘Sound’ to the new financial literacy math unit and looking at how maths is used in ‘real-life’, we are keeping ourselves busy and positive!

Check out our (physical distance, of course!) experiment of how sound moves in waves and causes vibrations by making our own Kazoo! I am sure Morah Ana-Lynn and Morah Andrea enjoyed the afternoon music…

Our new Grade 4 Student LOVED the playing in the first snowfall (Dare I tell her just how cold it gets!?)

Here the Grade 4’s pose after a game of soccer

November 11

Homework Wednesday

Good morning Grade4!

Here are the electronic copies for homework this week. All student have the paper copies in their homework folders. This is due Wednesday 18th November.

First, we have math – making change is the focus. As of next week, I am starting to pull in multiplication facts practise to run alongside our in classwork. So one element of homework will be to practice a set of facts (or two) each week.

The final piece for this week is reading comprehension– read the text and answer the questions. We will start to more into decoding vocabulary and inferring in the coming weeks.