February 14

Core French: J’aime ma famille

Aujourd’hui est le jour de l’amour! En Core French, nous avons célébré en parlant des personnes que nous aimons le plus et présenté nos arbres généalogiques! C’était un peu stressant d’avoir les éléves de la classe Extended comme public, mais les garçons l’ont emporté! Ils ont très bien parlé et ont utilisé beaucoup de nouveau vocabulaire! Bonnes Vacances, mes petits amours!!



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February 14

Our guest blogger of the week- Tomer!

Hi my name is Tomer, and I’m the blogger of the week.

I’m happy that I got the chance to be the blogger of the week because this is my last week in Canada. My favourite activities to do in Canada are playing hockey and skiing. In school I love to learn at the  OJCS. I love learning all about Canada. Recess time is much nicer in Canada because kids do not fight outside. They also line up after recess. The teachers at OJCS are very nice!


On Monday in English we went to the library to read with our Reading Buddies. My reading buddy is Boaz from Ganon Preschool. He likes listening to our stories.


We started our special program of interviewing the residents of Hillel Lodge.  This program is called Ve’hadartah Pnei Zaken ‘Respect the Elderly’. We started to prepare questions to ask the residents about their lives.


On Tuesday, in Hebrew the Shinshinim came to our class. We played a game called Shark Tank where you had to invent  objects and we had to convince the Judges to buy them. We always have fun with our great Shinshinim.


On Tuesday in English we started our Stem fair project about pulleys. From the pictures you can see that the students started to build their own pulley machines.


On Wednesday it was the first snow day since 1998, and Dr. Mitzmacher closed the school.

Today is my last day at OJCS, and we had a party with the Grade 2 and Grade 4 classes. My sister and I enjoyed having a party with all our classmates.

I liked being the guest blogger this week. It was really fun taking the pictures and writing my blog in Google docs.I will keep in contact with 4B and tell everyone what I am learning in my school in Israel. I hope they do blogging too. Maybe our classes could Skype with each other, that would be so cool!

I had a great  year and a half in Canada. I like the Winter in Canada, my friends, school, skiing and hockey. I will miss Canada very much.


February 11

Ve’hadartah Pnei Zaken

Dear Grade Four Parents,

We are excited to share with you that the grade 4 class is starting an exciting program called והדרת פני זקן (Vehadarta P’nei Zaken: ‘Respect the Elderly’ ).  It is an intergenerational program that will link the children with residents at Hillel Lodge. The goal of Vehadarta P’nei Zaken is to provide the children with an enriching opportunity to establish a relationship with an elderly person and learn about his/her lifetime achievements. In return, the Hillel residents will have the opportunity to get to know a young person.

This project is done in cooperation between the Judaic and General studies teachers. In groups of twos, the students will be devising a list of interview questions in class. They will then be assigned a resident to interview and get to know better. We will have several opportunities to get together with the residents to ask these questions and learn about their lifetime achievements.

As well as the interview we will have other opportunities to share time together, (such as Shabbat, Sedder tu-Bishvat, Passover Sedder, lunch time chat/games, etc…) build a rapport with the residents and thus enhance the students’ appreciation of the elderly, while engaging in this worthwhile activity. 

A final presentation will be prepared both in class (Language Arts, Judaics) and at home to be presented to the residents and then displayed at Hillel lodge.

The students and us are very enthusiastic about this program and are looking forward to getting started. 


Morah Ada, and Mrs. Bennett.



February 8

Our guest blogger of the week- Sasha!

Hi my name is Sasha and I am the blogger of the week this week. This week I have been documenting all the learning that has been happening in Kitah Dalet…

On Monday we started the week off with some Math. We are all working hard on long division. Most of us worked with a partner and I saw everybody working cooperatively.

In Hebrew class we enjoy doing Tefillah each day. We always sing nicely.

In French , we are enjoying learning all about sports.  I am doing a project on patinage artistique (figure skating).

We went to see Ms. Brigitte in the library. We all enjoyed reading our books. It was really fun!

We had a Rosh Chodesh assembly on Wednesday. Our class rep Shylee gave a great speech and she was amazing. Then we had gym it was super fun. Mr. Ray always plays the best games with us.

In Torah we are learning about how Eliezer is asking Rivka’s brother for permission to take Rivka to get married with Itzhak.

In Science we are learning about pulleys. We worked on making our own pulleys we were lifting books, staplers, magnets, and even big agendas. We are getting excited to make STEAM fair projects with pulleys. We have tons of ideas of what we might build.

Thank you for reading my blog post and I hope you liked it. I enjoyed documenting the learning in Kitah Dalet this week.