October 18

Commenting on Blogs Week #2 Challenge

Our blogging challenge for week #2 was to make a post about making comments on blogs. This class had experience with commenting as they started their blogging journal in Grade 3. The students were ready and eager for the challenge of making their own guidelines for commenting. They quickly organized themselves into groups and got to work.

They were so engaged and finished their work quickly. After gym the students gave their presentations to the class and gave each other valuable and positive feedback. You can click on the links below the pictures to see their presentations.

teaching commenting

positive comments

Good comments

We then took our positive commenting skills into the hall to comment on all the paper blogs the Grade 3 class had made. We then had lots of fun leaving positive comments on sticky notes on all the blogs.

We are having so much fun with the blogging challenge. We have been visiting different blogs and leaving some great comments. Yesterday we received some comments on our blog and we enjoyed replying to them. One teacher from Georgia visited our blog and loved the fact we have a student named Georgia in our class. Stay tuned for week#3 of our challenge!


October 16

Student Blogging Challenge

The Grade 4 classes have been busy making bitmojis and are excited to take part in the Edublogs Class Blogging Challenge

Hi! My name is Sacha and I am 8 years old. I like to play almost all sports but my favourites are hockey and soccer. For hockey I play 3 on 3, for soccer, I play competitive. I also like to play Minecraft. I have a 7 month old puppy, he is so cute and fluffy. His name is Fliffis, Fliffy for short.

Hi, I am Jack and I’m nine years old. I live in Ontario, Canada My birthday is in January I am in grade four. I have one sister and a dog. My sister is 21 years old. Her name is Olivia. My dog is four her name is Luna. I don’t have a dad. I play Hockey and I am a goalie. My favourite food is mac and cheese.  I like going to this school. I am the oldest in my class and I am one of the tallest in my class.

Hy, my name is Sarah, I’m Canadian. I’m 9 years old. I’m in Grade 4. My favourite colour is turquoise and black. My favourite sport is rhythmic gymnastics(I also do it.)I don’t have any pets. My dream pet is a dog. My favourite animal is a unicorn. My favourite city is New York. My birthday is in the summer. I like having a birthday in the summer because it’s hot. But in the winter it’s cold. In the winter, my favourite drink is hot chocolate. In the summer, my favourite drink is a slushy. My favourite season is summer but I don’t like the bees, wasps, and mosquitoes. My favourite FOOD is my dad’s pasta.

Hi, my name is Eliya. I have a pet bearded dragon who smiles with his mouth open. His teeth are small and sharp. I love to go to the park and play soccer with my brother. I like to read, swim, dance, and draw. I love learning Hebrew in school.


Hello my name is Olivia. I live in Ontario. I am 9 years old. I have 1 brother. I used to have a dog named Bella she died in 2017. My favourite colors are purple, pink, blue, and white. My favourite subjects are music, art and gym. I love doing gymnastics, art, dancing, singing, and watching youtube on my computer. I also like playing video games like Minecraft and  Roblox. I’m in fourth grade. I love reading. Here are some of my favourite songs Me,Love Story,Someone you love,You belong with me,Bad Blood. My favourite animals are dogs, dolphins,pandas, and penguins.

Hi, my name is Eliezer. I like to play Soccer and Dodgeball. I am eight years old, and my birthday is in November. I have five people in my family. I like to read and make mazes. I have a cat who is very cute and sweet.



Hello, my name is Emmett. My mom is American and my dad is Canadian. I live in Ontario and Ontario is in Canada. I am 9 years old and my two brothers are 6 and 3. My mom is 39 and my dad is 42 and we are a very happy family. My uncle’s name is Harley,  he is very famous.

Hi! I am Benny and my favourite colour is red. I love to eat noodles and chinese food. I love to play with my dog he is a cute bulldog. I love to play sports I love to play hockey and ski in the winter. I have a twin sister and we get along sometimes. I am nine years old and my favourite subject is math.

Hi! My name is Georgia and I love to bake, ski, and swim. I have two brothers and one dog. I get along with my dog the best 🙂 My favourite seasons are winter and summer because I can go downhill skiing in the winter and water skiing in the summer. I love to bake cupcakes and cookies. My family says that I am a really good baker.

Hi! I am Eden. I live in Ontario. I have a sister and a brother they are both older than me. I am 9 years old. I have a cat his name is Lucky. He is so cute. My favourite colours are pink, purple and blue. My favourite subject is music. My birthday is in March. I like having it in March. I am in Grade 4. I do dance and gymnastics. The dance I do is acro. 

I am 8 years old. My favourite subject is gym. I am running for class representative. I live in Ontario. I know how to speak three languages. I like to play with Beyblades. I have two sisters who are terrific. I love to ski in the winter and waterski in the summer. 

Hi, my name is Joel. I am 9 years old and I don’t have any siblings so I am an only child. I’m in Grade 4. My favourite animal is a puppy/dog. I have one fish. I live in Ontario. Also, my favourite sport is soccer. My favourite colours are all kinds of blues. My favourite food is cheese pie. My favourite drinks are milk and tap water.

Hi! My name is Talia I am in fourth grade. My favourite movie is Gifted. My hobbies are swimming and ice skating. My favourite subject in school is science. I have one sister and she is in sixth grade. My two favourite animals are elephants and giraffes. My favourite book is Out of my Mind, it’s a very good book

My name is Patrick and I am nine years old. I like to play sardines at recess. I like to watch youtube videos at home. My favourite food is pizza. I like the month of October because you get cozy at home with some hot chocolate. I like to jump on trampolines at the trampoline place. I love to build with magnetics.

Hi! My name is Monica and I am nine years old. I have two brothers and a dog. My favourite food is pasta. My favourite sport is horseback riding. I like to play with my brothers we have lots of fun together.

Hi! My name Charlotte I’m 9 years old. I like playing with my dog. My favourite sport is dancing, I do hip hop and acrobatics I’ve been doing dance for 4 years and I started in grade 1. I have 1 sister and 1 brother, I like to go to the park with my friends.


My name is Sam. I like basketball. My favourite player is Stephan Curry. I like to play video games. I live in Ontario. In Ontario, we speak French and English. I have a brother and a sister. My favourite food is steak. I like to watch Brooklyn 99. I have a great sense of humour. I love to tell jokes and have fun laughing with my friends.


Hey! My name is Adam. I love soccer, basketball (even though I’m not that good at basketball), technology (I’m a technology master), nature, making comics (I know a lot of things about comics), and a lot more things! I’m 9 years old.

My Name is Zoe and I am in fourth grade. I am 9 years old and I love the colour blue. I have a huge fish tank with seven fish. I like playing basketball  and reading. My favourite book is Out of My Mind. My favourite movies are Instant Family and Miracles in Heaven.

Hi, my name is Lily I am 9 years old and I have one brother and a dog. I like to ski,skate, swim and do rock climbing. I like to read Magic Tree House books. My favourite subject is gym and art. My favourite thing to eat is pasta. My favourite colour is green. My favourite season is winter because you get to ski and skate. I want to be a chemical engineer when I grow up.

Hi! My name is Mrs. Bennett. I love to read, dance, and teach. I have three wonderful children and an energetic dog. In the summer I love to spend lots of time at the cottage. My favourite season is the Fall I love to see all the colourful trees. I love teaching this group of amazing children. They are funny, kind, and caring. I am excited to take part in the Class Blogging challenge this year. I am also having fun being a volunteer commentor for the Blogging Challenge. I get to visit lots of different blogs and leave comments for the students.


October 16

Leadership in 4A & 4B


This year thirteen brave students put their names forth to run for the position of class representative in 4A and 4B. Our classroom walls were decorated with eye-catching posters. Last Friday was election day and all the speeches were wonderful. The candidates talked about their desire to listen to their classmates’ ideas and make this year at school the best ever. It was the sweetest morning listening to each and every candidate. The message that came across loud and clear from every candidate was the love for classmates and friends in this 4th-grade community. All of the students who ran for class representatives should be very proud of themselves. Morah Yardena and I were moved and impressed with the leadership shown on Friday. As the class representatives were announced there were genuine congratulations given by all the other candidates. It is safe to say our classes will be well represented by Eliezer and Adam this year. Our alternate reps, Benny and Monica, are ready and willing to step in if our reps are unable to attend a meeting.


There will be lots of additional leadership opportunities this year in our class. Mrs. Cleveland is considering opening up some junior yearbook positions just for our class. We also have a few children who will help me run the Comic bookmaking/Board game club starting in November. We thank Adam L, Adam P, Lily, and Charlotte for offering to be the club leaders. Students from 4A &4B will also take on leadership roles and be in charge of choosing the kindness/mitzvah challenges for the weekly school bulletin. I am sure additional leadership opportunities will arise and I just know that this group of amazing students is ready for the challenge. I have a feeling it is going to be a great year!


October 8

Kindness, Connections, and Caring in 4th Grade

The last two and a half weeks have been full of special and meaningful moments in 4th Grade. We have had the opportunity to visit Hillel Lodge twice and connect with our friends there. The first visit had us baking sugar cookies with Barbara and boy we found out that we sure can bake. Our cookies were delicious!

The second visit had us learning how to make shofars with Rabbi Blum. We all took turns in making the shofar and we enjoyed the whole process.

Since our workshop was on a Friday we got to celebrate Shabbat with the residents and Rabbi Blum. We really enjoyed praying and singing together for Shabbat. It was the perfect way to get ready for Rosh Hashanah. I have to say that Morah Yardena found it to be a very moving experience watching the children and the residents together.  We might have had a few tears in our eyes as well.

This picture below captures what our visits to Hillel Lodge is all about making connections.

Last week the Grade 4 classes were introduced to a new program called the Privilege of Giving where we will volunteer our time to help out at school. Each week a few students will be chosen to take part in the Privilege of Giving. Dr. Marcovitz will visit 4A and 4B  each Friday to watch the chosen students write their names into the special giving book. The students then get to help out around the school. Our first two students Emet and Talia had the pleasure of accompanying Dr. Marcovitz on his Friday class visits to ask wonderful questions and hand out stickers. The students will get to help out in the school this week too. One student wrote that Each step of kindness is a step in changing the world. Dr. Marcovitz and I cannot wait to see all the kindness and giving that Grade 4 will do this year. I have a feeling it is going to be a great year!

We have also started The AYT (Aseret Yimei Teshuva) Challenge. We will focus on positive speech for one hour every day including weekends, and holidays. The challenge began last Friday and will continue for the month of Tishrei. The students have been using their positive speech throughout the day and have been staying away from Lashron Hararh. Morah Yardena and I been doing activities with the students to show that positive words matter and it is hard to take unkind words back.

The Grade 4 Team wishes all of our families an easy and meaningful fast.

Teaching and learning about kindness with toothpaste 

“Words are like toothpaste…. easy to come out, but almost impossible to get back in.”

Grade 4 was quite impacted by this experience and realized how much their words matter and the effect that they have in others.

Our grade 4 students worked well together to come up with kind words to say to others as well as the many ways they can practice being kind to one another at school and at home.



October 7

Fall Run

This is just a reminder that Grade 4 is attending the Fall Run sporting event on Thursday 10th October from 9:30am until approx 1:30pm.

Students will need to arrive at school in their sports clothing. With the weather being as unpredictable as ever, I would suggest students bring layers of clothing (sweatpants, t-shirt, hoody, light rain jacket, and sneakers). The races are staggered so alongside cheering and supporting other groups, there will be downtime. I encourage students to bring along a book or playing cards. I will bring a soccer ball (space depending!) Beyblades will not be allowed on this field trip. 

Students will be eating snacks and lunch outdoors so ensure to pack food that needs minimal preparation and leaves zero trace at the track field.

September 26

Terry Fox Run Tomorrow

Reminding all Grade 4 students to rest up and get ready for our annual Terry Fox Run tomorrow afternoon. It is also dress down day and you can wear red and white in honour of Terry Fox. Please make sure to bring your running shoes so you can run as fast as you can. You can bring $1-$5 to support cancer research.

September 25

Homework Update for October

Our homework schedule in Grade Four will change a little for October. The students will not be given any homework over the holidays. We hope the children spend meaningful time with their families during these special holidays.

General Studies homework will be greatly reduced during this time. French homework with Monsieur P will be given out on Wednesday, October 4th due Friday, October 11th, and Wednesday, October 16th due Friday, October 25th.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the homework.

j.bennett@theojcs.ca        a.polowin@theojcs.ca

September 22

עבודת בית 09.23- 09-27

This week’s homework in Hebrew, students are to read each text for each day two times,  circle, underline or highlight unfamiliar words and be ready to come to class the next day to look them up and input them in their personal dictionaries.  Everyday, they are given time to work on their new vocabulary words and they can complete the questions in class IF they choose to.

They are expected to come to class, having attempted the readings independently ;), remembering it is their homework to complete.  Showing up to class prepared for the next step is the first step to success ;).

September 22

קבלת שבת ביחד עם כיתה ה

What a wonderful way to welcome Shabbat together with Kitah Hay, singing and reciting Kiddush together!  Kitah Dalet is looking forward to many more together with the OJCS fam!  Thank you for inviting us Dr. Sagi and Kitah Hay! תודה רבה

kol hakavod to our leader chazanim Ben Dougherty (gr. 5) and Efraim Levitan (4B)!

וכיתה ד1 נהנים לעשות קידוש עם כוונה! – Kitah dalet 1 does kiddush together and help each other!