March 23

Parsha and Pancakes update

A quick note to our Families:

Starting tomorrow, every Tuesday and Thursday Parsha and Pancakes will take on new meaning.
Dr. Marcovitz will be hosting, Dr. Avi’s Neighborhood.  There will be many similarities (of course he will include aspects of the Parsha).  The idea parents, while you are trying to get ready, students can watch, I hope a somewhat engaging, educational and fun show.
The links:
Part 1 is on Tuesday  8:00-8:30
Part 2 is on Thursday  8:00-8:30
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March 22

Grade 4 Core French Monday March 23 -expressing oneself

  1. Using these example sentences down below describe your mascot from last class and also describe yourself.

2. Use the word bank for clothing and adjectives.

3. Write your sentences in a doc and share with me.

WORD BANK– pantalons = pants,

chandail = soft shirt

tuque = soft winter hat

habit = suit

t-shirt= t-shirt

bottes = boots

sandales = sandals

basket = runners


Adjectives (describing words)

grand = tall

petit = small

large = wide

gross = fat

mince = skinny

vieux = old

jeune = young

belle/beau = beautiful

bon  = good

méchant = mean

sympathique – nice



1.Mon mascot s’appelle _____________

2. Il/elle porte (wears) __________

3. Il/ elle est _________  grand, belle, etc.

4. Il / elle aime (likes)  _____________  (les insects, le parc, les jeux vidéos…)??

5.  Je suis_____ ?? (sympathique, belle, grande… etc)

6. J’aime ______________?

7. Je porte _________?