June 16

We are building each other up in Grade 4…

Following our grade level ‘Post-it party’ conversation with Ms. Gordon about kindness and inclusion, we also touched upon personal experiences of kindness and unkindness and the ways we can problem solve together to ensure that we THINK before we speak:

This was followed by a outdoor workshop with Jennifer Monroe about the three C’s: collaboration, community and communication:



Grade 4 were tasked with a project to ‘build’ each other up. Students were briefed, on Friday, about each lego brick represent a kind, caring, thoughtful act that happens without an adult prompting and when they do something like that, they can take a brick and ‘build’ up a community of kindness. After 2 days, here is the progress:


May 25

Importance notices for events in the upcoming weeks

Hello Grade 4 families,

Here are some dates and reminders for your calendars. This is going to be a long one as we have lots of fun and exciting events coming up!

Dress down day – Friday, May 27th 2022

May’s Dress down for “The Ocean Cleanup” (a robot that removes garbage from the water) on Friday, May 27 th ,
selected by Kitah Hay.

Shavuot Food Drive: Friday, June 3rd 2022

We will be collecting non-perishable items for the Ottawa Kosher Food Bank. Please  bring in donations by Friday, June 3rd. All items donated should have a visible, reliable hechsher (COR, MK, OU, etc).  In particular, they are looking for donations of canned tuna or salmon, toilet paper, ketchup, mustard, boxes of tissues, paper towels, tomato paste, chickpeas, and brown rice.

Maccabiah Games: Friday, June 10th!

We will be hosting our first in person Maccabiah Games, in over 2 years on Friday, June 10th! We are asking each family to raise $100. There will be rewards for the class who raise the most money! Here is the link to donate!

May 10

Social Studies Test – Extended French

Corrected social studies tests have now been scanned and added to your child’s assessment folder on Google Drive, which was shared with you at the beginning of the year. If you are unable to find it, please reach out and I will send it out again. As per usual, if your child is not satisfied with their grade and wishes to retake their test, please let me know.

May 2

On Wednesday, May 4th, our Grade 4 students will be awarded a “dégustation de crêpes” for their beautiful door decorations representing Québec during La semaine de la francophonie. We will be providing students with Kosher, nut-free crêpes, syrup and whipped cream. If students wish to bring any additional stuffings or toppings (ex: fruit, chocolate, etc.) for their crêpes, we ask that these be packed in their lunch bag on Wednesday.

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April 14

They see me coding…

The Grade 4 class have been completing the Code.Org ‘Introduction to Coding’ course since September. We have recently progressed into the coding wonders of Scratch and we are LOVIN’ it! Watch this space for animations, interactive stories and games! Even better… Ask your child to show you what they are currently creating… I think their knowledge has pretty much passed mine and I am racing to keep up!

The conversations in class have gone from “Ms.M, can you show me how to add a sprite?” to now… ” Ms. M, wanna see my scrolling platform game?” or “Ms.M, I can show him how to add a velocity command bar to stop the glitch!”… Excuse me while I research what a velocity command bar is! But… you know what… It is this part of the year that I eagerly await and I LOVE hearing these comments and the humble experience of the teacher becoming the student.

Did you know that Coding is a new addition to the Ontario Grade 4 Mathematics curriculum? It teaches a whole host of learning skills such as problem solving, and collaboration and  mathematical skills such as sequencing!

March 30

General studies homework – Due April 6th

Hello grade 4,

This week’s homework is linked directly to your Innovation Day write-up. There is no formal Math homework or quiz this week. Please see the optional section of the homework sheet.

The task is to complete the background information section, your hypothesis and procedure. As this can be written paragraphs, a series of images or a video recording. An interactive blog post would have elements of each of these media. Click here for a model blog post.

We will also be working on this in class. A productive homework plan could be to write up a section at home then come to school and check in with Ms M.