June 20

Final Friday

Shalom parents,

In class we are busy wrapping up the year and getting our goodbyes ready. Tomorrow is a busy day!

  1. It is our last dress down day and everyone is invited to wear their Raptors gear.
  2. It is the grade 8 vs. faculty softball game! Make sure to send hats and sunscreen.
  3. We are receiving our yearbooks and getting a chance to sign them.
  4. We are saying goodbye to our amazing Shinshinim, Inbar and LIam.
  5. AND you are all invited to our grades K-5 Kabbalat Shabbat service at 3:05! Hope to see you there!
June 11

Readings for Week of June 11th

This week we are learning a goodbye song for our wonderful Shinshinim.

shhhhh… it is a secret.

As usual, please read the parts  every day and have them signed.

The chorus repeats twice every time. The second time we changed the words (as you see in your reading). 




June 7

Blogger of last week – Jaxon!

Jaxon’ s Blog

My name is Jaxon. I’m the blogger for this week. It was a great experience. I loved taking pictures.


In Hebrew, we worked on our Havdalah project. We also had the Shinshinim talk about Old Jerusalem.


In English we had Mrs. Bennett’s son Keith visit our class. Keith came in and helped us with our Vehadartah Pnei Zaken for our Hillel lodge project. We made a book on Google slides for the resident we interviewed. We also made an audio-visual version of the book as well.



In French, we got blindfolded and we had to draw a body part and my classmates had to guess what the body part was.       

Social Studies

In Social Studies our topic right now is Medieval Times. We started building our castle using materials like cardboard for the building and a plastic bottle as the tower. We also used popsicle sticks for the doors, gates, and drawbridge.



In Gym class, we played the game Gallatica which is where you get points for different skills like getting a ball in the hockey net, or in the basketball hoop and also if you hit a pin.  If you get hit, you have to sit out on the bench until someone catches the ball or hits the backboard.


In Music, someone got to pick a song for the whole class to listen to. After we listened to the song we talked about it.



June 7

Blogger of the week – Ben!

Hi! my name is Ben I am the last blogger so I am going to be the best one. This week was super fun! We here at the OJCS competed in a colour war now called the Maccabiah Games.

General Studies
In Math, we have just finished learning about fractions and decimals. We are now learning about polygons and quadrilaterals. We are also busy putting the finishing touches on the books we made for our resident friends at Hillel Lodge. We have been editing our fairytales and I am happy to report that everyone in my class has written creative fairytales.

In Science, we have been researching rocks and minerals in our groups. We are getting ready to present our research to the class and conduct some experiments to learn even more about rocks and minerals.

I love Social Studies and most of the kids in my class do too. We are researching life in Medieval times and we are building a medieval landscape in the class. We are going through lots of hot glue sticks!

We do Tefillah each day and spending lots of time speaking Hebrew. Our class is getting pretty good at speaking Hebrew. We are also working hard on Hebrew writing too.

We played Galactica which is a super fun game where you try to score on a net and get your opponents out by hitting them with a dodgeball.

We learned about body parts and got to play a game to practice all of our body parts. We had fun playing the game.

I really enjoyed being the blogger of the week. It was fun to take all the pictures and write about my week at school.

May 29

Blogger of last week-Elah!

At the start of the day, we did Tefillah

We went to the library and we had a workshop with Brigitte about digital footprints.

In Art, we finished our medieval knight picture and started working on a medieval castle drawing. We are using sponges to make the bricks.


After recess, our whole class played hot potato with our Shinshinim Liam and Inbar. It is always fun when Liam and Inbar visit our class.

Wednesday in the morning we worked on our fairytale project everyone had to create a new fairytale.

We went to Hillel Lodge at the end of the day to help the residents bowl it was super fun.

In Social Studies, we worked on our medieval castle and some people worked on building medieval shops. We love working on this project.

On Friday our class had a special tennis workshop in the gym. We played lots of fun games.

I liked being the blogger of the week because it was fun to write about our week at school.

May 28

Save the date – June 13th

We are all invited to a community farewell party for our amazing Shinshinim, Inbar and Liam, at the JCC.

Although we are going to have a more intimate goodbye at school (on their last day with us) we encourage you to come join us, as part of our OJCS family, to show our appreciation and support of this wonderful program, which continues to inspire our jewish journey and provides a direct and meaningful connection to Israel.

Hope to see you there. 🙂

Please RSVP to Kara Goodwin at: kgoodwin@jewishottawa.com


May 27

Reading recordings for the Week of May 27th

all reading parts this week are about Jerusalem. Following are the parts and questions. Please answer in your machberet with full sentences.



1. בידי מי היה הכותל המערבי 19 שנים?

2. מה שם המלחמה בשנת 1967 וכמה ימים היא היתה?😉



1. כמה שערים יש בחומת העיר העתיקה?

2. יש שער אחד סגור. מה שמו?



1. באיזה תאריך כבשו חיילי צה”ל את העיר העתיקה?

2. דרך איזה שער נכנסו חיילי צה”ל לעיר העתיקה?



1.מה מציין יום ירושלים?

2. לאן הולכים בעצרת ירושלים?

May 24

Projet final – pour le 10 juin (Extended)

Grade 4 Extended French 


Projet final: Ma communauté 

Students are required to present a brochure to the class that presents information about their chosen community. This project will access their oral and written abilities. Students will be given class time to work on the written portion of this assignment. The printing and decorating components of the project can be completed at home. Students are encouraged to use canva.com or lucidpress.com in order to format their written work into a brochure. Alternatively, they can also simply cut and paste pictures and their written work onto a sheet of construction paper and fold it to look like a brochure. These brochures will be presented to the class during the week of June 10th. Please see attached rubric, and don’t hesitate to ask any questions. 


  • A title and their name must be visible on the brochure. 
  • The use of colour and pictures is highly encouraged. 
  • Information should be organized under headings. Sentences should be logical and complete 
  • There should be information on all of the following: 
  1. Une introduction sur ta communauté 
  1. Les services (3) 
  1. Les personnes de service (3) 
  1. Les magasins (3) 
  1. Les activités (3) 
  1. Des faits intéressants (3) 
  1. Une conclusion 

Due: Monday, June 10th 

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May 24

Blogger of last week-Joey!

The week started off with Grandparents’ Day it took up all of the English class and French class. Three of my grandparents came in and we had fun doing different stations. I really liked making a Chamsa at the craft station.

There was also an amazing Art show in the gym.

We stayed in our classroom during our Gym because the gym was full of art. Mr. Ray showed us how to work on Co- spaces on iPads. We got a chance to make houses and buildings on the moon. During Hebrew class we did Tefillah then went to the computer lab and did our Havdalah project.

On Tuesday we had Tefillah and worked on the Havdalah project, and played a game of giant snakes and ladders with Liam and Inbar our shinshinim.

On Wednesday we went to Macskimming for the whole day. We found lots of cool animals like a snake and lots of salamanders. In the afternoon we played a super fun game called Predator.

A Day at MacSkimming

On Thursday we started with Tefillah then we worked in our book of Shemot and did some acting of the scene with Esav and Yaakov. The shinshinim did some great activities with us. We read a book and did some fun games with Mlle. Scharf in French. We played Math Jeopardy. We started writing our own fairytales. In Social Studies, we worked on building our medieval projects.


On Friday in English, we continued working on our fairytales and building our medieval time project. We challenged ourselves in a Math Olympics competition. In French, we finished our Pirate book. In Gym class we did stations it was very fun. In Hebrew, we did Tefillah and Chumash. We also worked on our Vehadartah Pnei Zaken project in the computer lab.

I found it fun taking pictures and telling everyone what we did during the week. I hope you enjoy reading all about Grade 4.