April 12

GUEST BLOGGERS: Introducing Yaara and CP31 ‘OUR JK and Grade 4 Shabbat celebrations”

Today we have student guest bloggers Yaara and CP31 sharing the Shabbat Celebrations with the JK class. Thank you to Morah Yulia and Morah Susan for facilitating and planning this!



Hey mystery bloggers here today we will tell you about JK and gr.4 shabbat together.



Last time we where together We did tefilla In our classroom and before we did Shabbat songs in their classroom .

  Here is a list of some of the songs and tefilla we did. 

  • 271/שלום עליכם

  • 404/אין כאלהינו

  • 268 / אדון עולם

  • 222/ לכו נרה

  • 265 / עלינו

Heads up not all of them are there  and not in order.


Upcoming holiday activates

The next holiday coming up is passover and we did a kahoot about it and the JKs are very smart.



For Purim the JKs did a puppet show for us in their classroom it was amazing.

here are more photos of the kahoot.





When we were in their class they showed us some of the songs they like for shabat.

Bye have a good week.