April 15

Independent Study Skill practise – Preparation for Grade 5

As we approach Passover break, we start to think about the final months leading you to the summer break and (maybe!) the terrifying transition of Grade 5!!! Can I let you into a secret… it’s not scary upstairs! It is so much fun!

What may feel overwhelming is the unknown and not knowing what to expect. As we prepare for this, we complete several ‘walkthroughs’ to familiarize you with the space before the summer break.

Another area that students regularly feel overwhelmed about is the amount of homework and tests/quizzes. The content isn’t usually the big issue, it is developing independent study skills that you may be unfamiliar with. With this in mind, you are going to be practising independent study skills for this week’s homework. The below slide deck is a fun way to practice these skills:

Parent link alert! Here are some tips to help your child develop these skills – comment below if you have strategies that have helped develop independence


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1 thoughts on “Independent Study Skill practise – Preparation for Grade 5

  1. Keren Gordon

    Ms. M, This is such a creative way to skill build study habits! Thank you for this amazing bingo challenge.


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