April 19

Explore the World: Why Learning Languages Matters!

Hey there, Grade 4 Language explorers! I am Señor Parkinson, I am a French and Spanish High school teacher (and Ms.M’s husband!)

Have you ever wondered why learning languages is so cool? Well, get ready to embark on a journey as we discover the exciting world of language learning together!

Imagine being able to talk to people from all around the world, understand different cultures, and explore new places without ever leaving your classroom. That’s the magic of learning languages! When you learn a new language, you open doors to new friendships, new adventures, and endless possibilities.

Make Friends Around the World:

    • Learning languages is like having a superpower—it lets you talk to people from different countries and cultures.
    • Imagine chatting with someone from Japan, France, or Israel! You can learn about their favourite foods, games, and traditions.
    • So, learning languages helps you make friends all over the globe! 🌎

Boost Your Brain Power:

      • Think of your brain as a superhero headquarters. When you learn a new language, it’s like adding an extra gadget to your utility belt.
      • Bilingual brains are super flexible—they can switch between languages faster than a ninja! 🥋
      • Plus, being bilingual makes your brain stronger and smarter. 🧠💪


Open Doors to Cool Jobs:

    • Imagine working as a travel guide, helping tourists explore ancient ruins in Egypt or bustling markets in India.
    • Or maybe you’ll be a language detective, solving mysteries using your language skills!
    • Learning languages opens up exciting job opportunities. It’s like finding a secret treasure map to success! 🗺️💼
So, young language learners, keep practicing those words and phrases. Who knows? You might become a language superhero one day! 🌟🦸‍♀️

Let’s Get Started!

So, are you ready to dive into the wonderful world of language learning? Whether you’re interested in Spanish, French, Hebrew or any other language, there’s a whole world of fun waiting for you to explore! Talk to your teachers, check out some language apps or books, and get ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

Leave a comment below in a language of your choice and say hi!

The world is waiting for you, Grade 4 language explorers – let’s go! 🌍✨

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2 thoughts on “Explore the World: Why Learning Languages Matters!

  1. jbennett31

    Dear Mr. Parkinson,

    I love this post! Learning languages is so important. I think it is wonderful that you are a French and Spanish teacher. Did you learn those languages when you were young? I know English and French. I would love to learn Spanish. Do you think it is harder to learn a new language when you are an adult? Is Spanish a hard language to learn?

    You are a terrific guest blogger!
    Mrs. Bennett 🙂

  2. fmellenthin (Post author)

    (Comment on behalf of Mr Parkinson)

    Thank you for your comment, Mrs Bennett!

    I started when I was in Grade 6.

    If you are already familiar with French then you should
    find Spanish very easy, many of the grammar rules are similar!

    It all depends on how motivated you are. It’s definitely
    easier when your mind is young and learning but if you really needed to learn a language (for example if you moved countries) and you wanted to make friends there, find a job then you’d definitely be able to do it as an adult if you really put your mind to


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