August 21

Homework Expectations

Students in Grade Four are expected to have 45 minutes of homework per day. If you find that your child requires more time to finish their homework please let us know as a team, so we can make adjustments accordingly.


General Studies:

Homework will receive a printed copy that can be found in their English duo-tang and it will be posted on the blog. Due to the increased subject matter in Grade 4, students will only receive necessary tasks that is linked to their in class work. They may not receive homework every week in General studies. Students who wish to develop their learning through ‘pre-learning’ (learning about a topic independently before being guided in class) here is a bank of topics we will cover in Grade 4 for students to choose from.


Students should be reading for at least 20 minutes each day outside of their regular homework routine.


Every day for their reading, students are encouraged to:

-Read the text twice

-Indicate any words that need understanding

-Answer the questions in their notebooks


Students will get their homework duo-tang on Monday and will complete it by Friday.