November 4

Ms M’s Prep for Social Studies quiz

Hello Grade 4 students and families!

This blog post is all about how you can prepare for your first social studies quiz. Depending on the type of learner you are, there are study skills that can be more effective for you. In class today, we talked about learning styles and we went over what the quiz would look like.

The focus of our quiz is the Canadian provinces and territories. The layout of the quiz will be a blank map and a blank compass rose. Students are able to access word bank of provinces and territories once they have added all the ones they can remember. If, a student wants to challenge themselves and not use that word bank that is also encourged. There will also be additional bonus questions which students can show what extra knowledge they have.

Click here to see an example quiz and questions (ours will be VERY similar!)

The Quiz date is Thursday, Novemeber 11th. Here are some resources in addition the homework set to help out:

Please feel free to reach out should you have any questions or concerns,


Ms M.

November 2

Ms M’s Social Studies

In my social studies classroom (a lot like my general studies!) I find that learning is better embedded when children are having fun with their learning. So upon recapping and practising cardinal and intermediate directions when learning about the political map (looking at the location of provinces and territories in Canada) I decided to plan a treasure hunt!

Students needed to draw a ‘birds-eye view’ map of the school and draw in key locations then write out a set of instructions to their ‘treasure’. Key geographical directions and their compass rose was all they had… ALL STUDENTS ACED THE HUNT!! Here are some pics from our afternoon of fun: