February 4

Grade 4 hyflex schedule – February 7th-11th

Click to access a copy of the scehdule. Please do not make a copy as this is a live document that is updated regularly.

February 3

Get it in Gear, Grade 4!

Simple machines are all around us!

Today we discovered where we use levers, gears and pulleys in everyday life. Our time with Scentistic Deb included:

  • Investigating how levers lift.
  • Assemble gear trains and belt drives and examine how they operate.
  • Construct different pulley systems and explore why we use them.

Check us out below:

January 16

Hyflex Schedule

Hello, Grade 4 learners and Grade 4 families,

As we enter our new pivot to hyflex learning on Monday, if you are an at-home learner please find your schedule below, I have also shared it with all Grade 4 students (check your email) in case any last-minute switches happen.

You can also click here to find a copy of the schedule.

Important to note:

  • All at-home learners will be following the 4B schedule regardless of which class they are in, when in school.
  • The ‘GREEN’ lessons are live lessons where your teacher will be expecting you in the class Google Meet.
  • Please open the necessary teacher slides to ensure you have any documents/slides open/printed, ready for the lesson.