2 thoughts on “The Grade 4 Magazine!

  1. Jon Mitzmacher

    This is so great! I can’t wait to see check out the “Grade 4 Magazine”!

    Will you be updating articles…weekly, monthly, occasionally? Will any students (eventually) be serving as editors as well?

    What a great project! Kol ha’kavod Kitah Dalet!


  2. fmellenthin (Post author)

    Thank you, Doc! It was a fun writing experience and the students really started to think about what they could do to disperse the negativity and sadness in the media… this is the result!

    The original plan was to do an experiment using a printed version Vs a blog version to see which publication was viewed/read more (and we may still do this!)

    The new plan is to update on a monthly basis with new ‘personal interest’ articles and to send a survey to the younger classes asking what they would like to see and then creating based on the readership!

    I LOVE that idea of student editors! I have many AMAZING leaders in the class that I am sure when the time is right, the editor role will be filled.

    MissM 🙂


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