December 16

Understanding your learning style




If this does not sound familiar, do you even work in a school? I even find myself asking these questions when completing tasks for Dr. Mitzmacher and Ms Gordon…”Do I need to complete my report cards in sheets, can I use google docs?”

Ownership and autonomy over our learning and work is closely linked with how much effort and what mindset we then proceed to complete the task in. As our journey through Grade 4 continues and students continue to evolve, it makes sense to begin to look into different learning styles and what works best for each person. I am very much a kinaesthetic learner who learns through doing but I also need to take notes and enjoy creating visual sections in my work… One never fully falls into one style, most people have a dominant style and then other ways can compliment. Understanding your learning style can really switch up your mindset and attitude towards learning! For educators, understanding your student’s learning styles can make it easier to create, modify, and develop more efficient curriculum and educational programs. For students, understanding their learning style can completely change their view on school. Here is a great resource to find out more about learning style and multiple intelligences.

Students completed a simplistic learning style quiz this week and began to build a study plan of strategies that works best for them. At the OJCS, we OWN our OWN learning…

Understanding Your Student's Learning Style | Connections Academy



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