October 6

General Studies Homework. Due Date: Wednesday, October 13th 2021

Good Morning Grade 4 and Grade 4 families,

Today… we begin homework!

General Studies homework will be given each Wednesday due in for the following Wednesday. The math portion links directly to the weekly math quiz. Students will have a homework folder and homework will be posted here on the blog also.

Math: Students will be practising the 2, 5 and 10 tables this week. After this week we will focus on one set at a time. Students can use worksheets, they can verbally practise below you will find links to songs and games.

Language Arts: This is a piece of homework that is ongoing for the next 4 weeks. We have been learning about recounts in class, using chronological order, past tense verbs and personal pronouns. Students are asked to choose one event to recount each week and then over the weeks, they will form a journal-style piece of writing. This can be handwritten or typed.

September 24

Our first few weeks in Grade 4…

Here in Grade 4, we like to document our learning so that you, at home, can see what it is that is happening in the classroom. As you will have read in the weekly newsletter, we have really ploughed straight into our curriculum learning in General Studies: especially in Math and Language Arts (Don’t worry, science will be starting very soon!) So here are a few photos from our first few weeks:

In Math, we have been learning about Data management; comparing data in double bar graphs with concluding mathematical statements, evaluating trends in line graphs and soon we will be looking at how to collect data in Stem and Leaf t-charts:

In Language Arts, we all started to plan our first non-fiction informative blog in Grade 4. Over the next few weeks, we will be learning about embedding images and videos and practising how to hyperlink websites to our blogs. Although we have the added bonus of our devices, the use of book reference and research is still an important skill to upkeep: