January 25

News from Grade 4 with blogger of the week – Miguel!

Our week started with a special visit to Hillel Lodge. Our amazing shinshinim, Liam and Inbar, helped us plan a meaningful Tu Bishvat Seder with the residents. We performed a little skit, sang a song, played, bingo, and ate some fruit. Everyone had a wonderful afternoon.

In French class we learned about Canadian sports athletes. We all did a project on a famous Canadian athlete, and presented our work to the class.

We learned all about trees in Israel with Liam and Inbar. We played some fun games with them.

Our gym class is so much fun! Mr. Ray lets us have ‘ Carte Blanche’ on Fridays. This means we are able to do whatever game we want.  4B loves Fridays!

I liked being the blogger this week. I wish we could do blogging everyday!

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12 thoughts on “News from Grade 4 with blogger of the week – Miguel!

  1. Jon Mitzmacher

    What a great guest blog post Miguel! I think you did a great job capturing your week with videos and commentary! What did YOU learn by being a guest blogger?

    When you say that you wish you could blog every day, what do you mean? What is it blogging that is so great? Do you think it makes the learning different/better/more fun?

    Imagine if each student at OJCS had their own blog…

    Keep up the great work!

    1. miggy

      Hi Dr. Mitzmacher,

      Thanks for the nice comment! I learned a lot by being the guest blogger. First of all it is much harder than I thought. I had to choose videos and pictures, and embed them on the post. I found it really hard to type up the post on a chrome book.I like blogging because more people can see what we are learning in Grade Four. I also think it is easier to focus when I work on a blog, and it makes the learning so much fun.


  2. miggy

    Hi Joey,

    Thanks for the nice comment. I had fun learning how to blog. I think you will learn a lot too when you are the guest blogger of the week.


  3. Audrey

    Hi Miguel, loved your post and I can’t wait to be the guest blogger because of how much fun you and Shylee had.


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