May 2

Grade 4 Extended French – Bienvenue Chez Nous : Dictée # 2:

Bienvenue Chez Nous : Dictée # 2: vendredi le 3 mai:

Spell the word in French and translate to English:

Optional: You can also make a small sentence in French using the dictée word.

le policier – the police officer (m)

la dentise – the dentist (f)

le facteur the postman (m)

le juge– the judge (m)

l’avocate – the lawyer (f)

le boulanger – the baker (m)

le pompier – the firefighter (m)

la serveuse – the waitress (f)

la musicienne – the musician (f)

le cuisinier – the cook (m)

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11 thoughts on “Grade 4 Extended French – Bienvenue Chez Nous : Dictée # 2:

  1. The students from the Brindas School CM2, France

    Hello !

    Our class is participating in the Student Blogging Challenge (March 2019).
    For the week 9 task, some of us chose to talk about your blog.
    We invite you to click on this link to read the post :

    Take the opportunity to visit all our class blog. Please, write us your comments !
    Avec toute notre amitié.

    The students from the Brindas Primary School CM2, France

    1. Joey

      I am in grade 4 at the OJCS and as I think you know we are also in the blogging challenge. I just looked at your blog and it looked SO amazing! I hope we can talk again soon and merci beaucoup for looking at our blog and making an an awesome post about it!
      From Joey (age 10)

    2. Mara

      Bonjour je m’appelle Mara et je suis dans l’OJCS. Merci pour voir notre blog. Votre blog est magnifique mais je ne commentaire pas.


    3. Shylee

      Thank you so much for looking at our blog! Your blog is very nice and colourful. I would really
      like to FaceTime with you guys!
      Translation: merci beaucoup pour regarde votre blog! Ton blog c’est belle est coloré. J’ aurais vraiment FaceTime avec toi

  2. Audrey

    Thank you for complimenting on our blog and choosing to write about our blog. I will make sure to check out your blog as soon as I can!

  3. Na’ama

    Merci d’avoir choisi notre classe pour réaliser votre projet. Nous sommes très honorés que vous ayez choisi notre classe parmi tant d’autres. Nous avons vraiment adoré votre blog. C’était très beau et coloré.

    De Na’ama

  4. Noa

    Hi students from the Brindas School,

    Thank you for commenting on our blog!
    My class is also in the Student Blogging Challenge, and i’m sure that your class is doing a great job so far!
    Merci beaucoup votre commentaire sur notre blog.

    From Noa

  5. Joey

    Thank you for responding to our blog we worked very hard on it and I will respond to your blog very soon.
    from Joey.

  6. Tracy Vogelgesang

    Hello! I am Mrs. V. from the United States. I read your Week 7 post and wanted to say that I enjoyed learning about your tradition. I am sure the senior citizens enjoyed your visit and the time you took to celebrate with them. I can tell that your customs hold great meaning for you. Thank you for sharing!

    1. jbennett31

      Hi Mrs. V.

      Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. We are so happy you enjoyed learning how we celebrate Passover. The residents of Hillel Lodge loved taking part in our Model Seder with us. We have gotten to know the residents very well this year as we visit them at least once or twice a month. We enjoy the time we get to spend with them.
      Kind regards,


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