September 23

Homework update!

Hello, Grade 4 and Grade 4 families,

So, now we have settled (almost!) in our new normal, we are beginning our homework posts. I say we, as myself and Morah Yardena, have teamed up to combine your homework this year! There is a blue note-tote with a yellow homework folder inside with everything I have posted below.

Each week on a Wednesday, we will post a homework blog and also hand out paper copies of homework in class.

First, there is a bingo card, click here to access, with a combination of skills practice items you can use and complete at your leisure (This does not all need to be completed in one week). This bingo card is for your child to practice skills at home that are personal to them.

Second, is a reading log for your child to keep track of at home Hebrew, English, and French reading (20minutes total each night of one language or a combination).

Finally, there is math skills practice specific to our in-class learning which will help towards the weekly math skills quiz. Each week, I will post the skill focus ready for the following week. Our first grade 4 math quiz will be on Friday, October 2nd and the focus is place value, expanded form, numerical and written form, and base 10 model representation. 

If you have any questions, please contact me or Morah Yardena and we will clarify.


Miss Mellenthin and Morah Yardena


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