April 14

They see me coding…

The Grade 4 class have been completing the Code.Org ‘Introduction to Coding’ course since September. We have recently progressed into the coding wonders of Scratch and we are LOVIN’ it! Watch this space for animations, interactive stories and games! Even better… Ask your child to show you what they are currently creating… I think their knowledge has pretty much passed mine and I am racing to keep up!

The conversations in class have gone from “Ms.M, can you show me how to add a sprite?” to now… ” Ms. M, wanna see my scrolling platform game?” or “Ms.M, I can show him how to add a velocity command bar to stop the glitch!”… Excuse me while I research what a velocity command bar is! But… you know what… It is this part of the year that I eagerly await and I LOVE hearing these comments and the humble experience of the teacher becoming the student.

Did you know that Coding is a new addition to the Ontario Grade 4 Mathematics curriculum? It teaches a whole host of learning skills such as problem solving, and collaboration and  mathematical skills such as sequencing!

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