November 10

Grade 3/4 Soccer tournaments

On September 28th, the OJCS  Grade 3 class participated in our first Turnbull Jamboree soccer tournament in over 3 years. This tournament takes place each year with approximately 8 different private schools. Grade 8 Turnbull students are the referees and the co-ed tournament takes place over the entire morning.

With 18 students present, OJCS was able to form two teams in order to maximize playing time for each player. Students got to wear the OJCS Rams jerseys for the first time and although there is no tournament winner at this primary level, the two OJCS teams combined for a 7 win and 1 loss record. The winning record was a nice bonus, but the highlight was to once again be able to take part in these tournaments and the sense of normalcy that comes with it. All students showed wonderful sportmanship throughout the day, wrapping up each game with high fives with the opposition.

The Grade 4 class was also able to take part in their own tournament at Ashbury College on October 13th. The annual OISSA tournament included 10 teams from 6 different private schools. Although it was a very wet and muddy day, there were no complaints from our students as they got to take part in their first day-long tournament. We also brought two of our Grade 7 students to help coach and referee the games. There was no official winner as the games were played for fun, but our teams once again had a winning record with 8 wins and 2 losses.

We hope to continue to participate in more sports tournaments throughout the school year, and maybe also create a few more fans for the upcoming World Cup of soccer.

Go Rams

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